Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sisters' Stuff and Flirty Aprons

Recently I have been scoping out a sweet site called Sisters' Stuff. Whitney and Alish, two--you guessed it--sisters, run the site and are full of ideas about crafting, home decor, and being moms.

Apparently the time I've spent haunting them has paid off because I just won a fancy new apron in one of their giveaways!  The apron is one of many chic feminine aprons sold by a company called Flirty Aprons.  The styles and patterns are adorable and I was so excited to find out that I was a winner!

If you want to come home with the goods like I did, visit Sisters' Stuff--they always have cool "stuff" going on. Just check out their sidebar for all the deliciousness.


  1. Congratulations Randi!! That's awesome. Thanks so much for the link. You know I'll be checking them out :)

  2. septembermom: Thanks! It's fun to win, huh? Thanks for checking them out, too. I know they will appreciate your visit.

  3. HOho... wow.. I have never won a giveaway ever in my life.. But I can feel that a person can get really excited after winning it! LOL. how d'u feel? the same as I 've mentioned or more ecstatic?

    Enjoy the day!
    love Naqvee

  4. Naqvee: I am really excited about winning it. It's really nice to visit sites that have sponsor giveaways. Maybe someday my blog will be big enough so that all the cool sponsors ask me to giveaway their products too! I would love that! You enjoy your day too, Naqvee--thanks for stopping by!

  5. So, you beat your daughter at winning something. That's an interesting blog, Sisters' Stuff.

    Enjoy your cute apron.

  6. Randi -

    I will keep Tim & the other male members of your household in my prayers :) Egads!

    God Bless,

  7. Auntie M: Yes, I did! Or maybe her genes are rubbing off on me. Didn't you write a piece on aprons once? I was interested in re-reading it.

    Adam: They will need it! Domestic goddess is on the rise!

  8. Randi: I did write an article about aprons. Here's the link. The photo of my mother wearing an apron has the wrong caption under it (publisher's error).



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