Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hoolie!

Yesterday grandgirl Hoolie turned seven years old. It seems like just a few flips of the calendar ago that we were celebrating her third birthday at the park, here:

Now, she's a big seven year old who got her ears pierced for her birthday, and rather bravely I might add.

Gnome had to work yesterday so I got to spend Hoolie's daytime hours with her, except for a brief spell when she took off with her other grandma to go birthday shopping. After dinner, Gnome had us over for delicious MINI-cupcakes. (I stress that they were MINI so no one will think I'm a glutton for devouring four of them.)

Of course there was the mandatory opening of the presents!

And the obligatory photo ops with relatives:

Hoolie with mommy, Gnome

And with Uncle Neo

And her beloved Grandpa.

Pay attention now, because I'm going to reveal how little Hoolie got her name, seven years ago. This will cause me to reveal her actual first name, which I don't usually do, but since it's important to the story, and since I don't have any creepy people reading this blog yet, I will break with tradition.

When Gnome had her baby girl, seven years ago, Computer Geek called me to tell me the good news. I asked what the new baby's name was and Computer Geek replied, "It's Juliah, with an 'h.' "  

Silly me says, "Hulia?" 

Yeah, I know. 

CG instructs me that no, the "h" is at the end of her name.  Nevertheless, after that the name stuck and I always called her my little Hulia, and now shortened to Hoolie.  

My son Weston was taught a lesson last night, a lesson he should have learned a few weeks ago. Attending the party was Gnome's friend...hmm...what shall I call her...I know--Blue Belt Babe!

A few weeks ago, we had a lunch at the park. Gnome and her friend Blue Belt Babe were there, along with some other mutual friends. 

You may remember that Weston used to take martial arts classes. He and Blue Belt Babe started at the same time, both as lowly white belts. In the intervening months, Weston slowly progressed to a yellow belt with a green stripe, while BBB rapidly progressed to--you guessed it!--blue belt status.

At this luncheon get-together at the park, Weston proceeds to insult Blue Belt Babe by calling her "flabby." 
Now any boys reading this may want to be forewarned. You never tell a woman she is flabby, but especially
not when she is a higher martial arts rank than you are. It's like asking for an early death.

The beginning stage of Weston getting his behind kicked. The ice cream may get sacrificed.


"I will never call a woman flabby, I will never call a woman flabby, I will never..."

Lesson learned, right?
Nope. He's eleven.

Last night at the party he proceeded to take on Blue Belt Babe once again, this time in arm-wrestling. 
It got ugly right away...maybe it's because he was wearing that unlucky green outfit?

Truly she is fearsome to behold.

Happy, happy birthday my little Hulia.


  1. Aw...my little goosy girl! That first photo...sniffle...she was such a cutie, it's hard to see how much she has grown!

    As for BBB I'm going to have to tell her about her new nickname, She'll love it! And as for Weston...apparently every little boy needs to be beat up now and then, but he'll feel good to know BBB beats on Hoolie when she asks for it too :P

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Juliegoose: I know, isn't that 3 yr. old pic adorable?

    BBB's nickname will still work when she is a brown belt and a black belt, but I won't know what to do when she is a red belt. I guess I'll have to switch it to RBB.

  4. She's a beauty! Have birthday to sweet Hoolie :) Jillian loved looking at the birthday pictures too. When we visit my bloggy friends together, I think Jillian thinks we can just walk on over to your place to hang out with the "pretty girl." Tell Hoolie that Jillian is a fan :)

    Weston watch out for all that girl power!

  5. What a beauty. Happy Birthday!

  6. Great post, Grandma. I felt as if I were there at the celebration for the young published writer,
    Hoolie. She's a doll.

    4 cupcakes? Mini? Okay. You were cravin' fudge and brownies yesterday. Hope some of them were chocolate.

  7. Hi Randi
    I was trying to think who may be the most fortunate to have whoever in their lives but I concluded that you are all equally blessed.

    Thank you for sharing how the name came about...uniquely funny!

  8. Ahhh I love it! Thank you so much for the nickname and the laughs! This is awesome! :)


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