Saturday, June 26, 2010

Name That Tune!

My husband has been busy programming all day, so that means his computer has been blaring all kinds of music from the past few decades. Nothing later than 1990 or he would not be listening to it, I promise. Normally we do not see eye to eye on music, but there were a few gems that I was rocking out to today. Don't ask me how he programs with music shaking the floors because I have to have total silence when I am thinking. Maybe that's because when I hear music, I start imagining dance steps or I picture Philippe Candeloro flashing across ice. Can't think because in my mind I am twirling.

Let's see if any of you old folks out there (or those of you young'uns who were subjected to your old folks' music while growing up) recognize these first lines from long ago. Tell me the name of the song and the artist and all my followers, all twelve of them, will think you are amazing.

1.  "Are ya ready, Steve?"

2. "Ain't no big thing---to wait for the bell to ring."

3. "Sunshine came softly through my window today..."

4. "When you wish upon a star, your dream will take you very far..."

5. "Quite some time, I've been sittin' it out. Didn't take no chances. I was a prisoner of doubt."

6. "When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars..."

7. "Almost Heaven, West Virginia..."

Have fun!


  1. Ahem.... Oldies to one generation is not Oldies to another. I know only the last two songs: The Age Of Aquarius, and Country Roads.

  2. I know I'll kick myself when you reveal the answers. I did recognize the line from Country Roads. I guess my brain is still not awake enough yet.

  3. Auntie M: You have a point there. Oldies to my mom would have been all those good songs from the 40's and 50's. And you were correct on the last two!

    septembermom: You may still be a little young for some of them so don't get a bruise kicking yourself. :) I'll provide answers at the end of the day.

  4. My husband is a big music guy, I know the song when I hear it...never remember the artists though? Unless it is Prince, Cher, Madonna, and some current artists....I know I am lame! Ok regarding the voting...thank you so much! Yes it will calculate some time sooner or hit vote, use the back arrow and come back again.....I appreciate all the votes I can get, from people who would want me to win:) Thanks again. Debbie

  5. What d'ya mean oldies? The oldest song there is only from 1966...

  6. All I can add is that I recognise number 4 but can't put my finger on it. Number 4 is definitely a Donovan song but unsure of the title...Sunshine Superman??

  7. Debbie: In our house my husband is also the fountain of all music knowledge. Until the 1980's. After that, no matter how popular the song is, he will not know it.

    I'm glad to know the "voting machine" isn't broken. I would so love to see you on TV every day. The video presented your premise in such a cute way, and with all the crafty women bloggers out there, it would be sure to be a hit.

    To vote for Debbie to be the new Oprah, go here:
    and then follow the link.

  8. S. Superman: songs are not oldie enough for you, eh? How about this one, circa 1584:

    "Alas, my love,
    You do me wrong
    To cast me off

  9. Ken: Actually it is #3 that is the Donovan song, and you are correct! It is Sunshine Superman! Good job!

  10. How about this from 47 B.C.: Veni, Vedi, Vici?

  11. S. Superman: Would that be "I Came, I Saw, I Conquered" by the Caesars?

    Did you give up on the 1584 oldie but goodie?


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