Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Everything's Coming up Roses at the Toothpaste House

I am so grateful to the previous tenants of the Toothpaste House for their foresight in planting some gorgeous rose bushes for me to enjoy. For the past week I have been enjoying crimson, fuchsia, peach, and pink pearl roses. (I know those are not their technical colors.) Later this week I'll be chatting with my best friend (Google) to see how to best care for these beauties. We spent some time a few weeks ago cutting off some dead areas but I know there is more I could be doing to enhance their loveliness.

And what are these blinding neon cherry red flowers? Anyone have a guess?

I wish I could capture the scent of the roses as I walk through my front door and send it along to you. Scratch and sniff computer screens? 


  1. Fabulous, Randi. The gardener here says the mystery flower might be pinks. Pinks can be any color. But he can't tell for sure if that's what these are. As for how to care for the roses, contact your county extension office. They probably have a hotline, or a website.

  2. You lucky girl to be surrounded by all those beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Auntie M: Capital idea! I will check out the extension office. I googled "pinks" and that is exactly what that flower is called(also called Dianthus.) Tell the gardener thank you for identifying it for me. I also have some white ones but they were not as striking as that red.

    septembermom: I'm really grateful to all the previous inhabitants who planted them. It inspires me to plant some more flowers to leave behind in case I ever have to move again (perish the thought unless it's to Seattle, Hawaii, Ireland or Scotland--someplace green with an ocean view.)


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