Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Can’t Wait to Move!

Hello, my faithful Quangsters!  I know I have been ranting monotonously about my upcoming move to the point where all of you are saying, “I get it---you hate to move, right? Sheesh!”

Because I try to be a positive person, and because there is nothing that will destroy my optimistic mood faster than the word “nomad,” I decided to make a list of all the reasons I am happy as a clam* to move. This should be a refreshing change.

10.  The sooner I move; the faster I can plant flowers.

 9.    I have been acquainted with, and love, the last 5 inhabitants of the new house, so it comes pre-installed with a good aura.

 8.    At least this time school will be out when I move. Unlike the other times I have moved in the last thirteen years, I will not have to go to work the next day.

 7.    I get two weeks to transition from one house to the next. I will actually have time to clean the old place well before turning it over to new people.

 6.   We will only live about a block away from the dirt hills where my son loves to have bike accidents.

 5.   Friends have offered to help move and to prepare dinners for us during the transition time.

 4.   Wood burning stove! (Don’t worry, that’s not the stove I have to cook on.)

 3.   The new place comes with a built-in security system: two peacocks who live in the front tree and caw raucously when anyone pulls up.

 2.   I get to live in a house with its own name: The Toothpaste House—so called because of its Crest-blue colored exterior.

And the number one reason why I can’t wait to move:

 1.   Rent that is $200 cheaper!

* I now know where the expression "happy as a clam" comes from---clams are always happy because they take their homes with them!


  1. Randi -

    I am happy for you, I am not sure about the etymology for the phrase "happy as a clam", though one source I looked up said something different. I am kinda into etymology (word origins & phrase origins & such).



    Anyways have fun with the move, I wish I could afford one of the historic homes in the area where you live - hopefully soon I will be able to (well north of, but same valley).

    God Bless,

  2. Those sound like really good reasons! You're going to have to take pictures and video of those peacocks for us to enjoy too :)

  3. Adam--I will check out those sites, since I was kinda being facetious with my own etymology. I also love to know where phrases originate. Thanks for the sources!

    Septembermom: Yes, I will definitely try to get some pictures of those peacocks. They've been living in that tree for quite a long time, because I remember them being there when my daughter lived in the same house about 7 years ago. Back then I thought they were zoo escapees but apparently there are really wild peacocks.

  4. Most clams that I have met were happy because they made it through another day without being a moonsnail's snack...of course, sometimes they didn't appreciate becoming my chowder...

  5. Hi there,
    Sorry I've been AWOL - got stranded by the volcanic ash and had a two day journey home across Europe by hire car, taxi, shuttle buses and ferry. Half way through the journey, I'd have happily slain those peacocks, used them as pillows then eaten them!

    The extra $200 is great; you'll be able to buy outdoor paint, peacock food, ear plugs and bandaids!

    Wishing you well, m'dear. This one's going to be the move that wipes out the bad memories from all the others - I feel it in my bones. Good things a'comin... Speak to you soon.

  6. There is also a reference to happy clams (well oysters but they look more like clams) in Alice in Wonderland (its in the 1950s Disney version)


    That's probably the one that became most popularized in people's memory.


    God Bless,

  7. I agree with Janice on the extra $200 (wow, I've got a $ sign on my keyboard). Her wit matches yours. No wonder she's your friend (birds of a feather...)

    I love your good reasons for moving...they really are good reasons and I sense the excitement.

    When Adam says 'Historic' is he being diplomatic and really means old and dilapidated?

    Good luck with the move.

  8. Ken -

    Well let me just put it this way. There are some very nice homes in the county where Randi lives, some over 100 years old, but I think they are over priced for the job market in that county or people who would like to live there & who otherwise would have to commute to be able to afford a home. If that answers your question..

    God Bless,

  9. Aw, now you can be "Randi of the Toothpaste House"! I've always wanted my own "of" house :P And if you need help cleaning/dinner/moving, Jules and I are almost always available. Or if you need us to pick up Jeanie shifts. We love you! Good luck with the peacocks ;)


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