Monday, April 5, 2010

One Year of Extreme Chunkiness

It hardly seems possible that one year ago I was posting pictures of a little slug that looked like this:

And now I post pictures of his Extreme Chunkiness that look like this:

Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, little Chunk turned one year old.  I don't recollect ever knowing a happier camper. Chunk toddles around [has been walking since 9 months!] with a perpetual smile on his cheeky little face.

He is so obnoxiously happy that even men like to hold him. As I mentioned in a previous post, I sometimes have to knock men out in order to hold my grandson. My own husband is one of the culprits. A few weeks ago he asked my daughter if we could take Chunk on a road trip with us. Em looked at him strangely and said no. I looked at my husband even more strangely and said, "What the hell were you thinking?"   I know what he was thinking---that *I* would be the one to feed, carry and change soiled diapers for His Chunkiness.

I can't blame him though. Little Chunkster is fun to be around. He appears genuinely happy to see each new person who walks into a room and puts up with us always wanting to cuddle his smooshy little body.

Yesterday though, we saw a new side of Chunky Style. He went from happily playing with his cool new toy

to being an inconsolable little tyrant who wanted nothing to do with birthday cake if it meant he had to stop playing with the colorful balls that popped into the air.  Birthday cake instead had a nice encounter with the floor, while Chunk tried to get rid of the offending pastry by wiping it on whatever was handy.

Hoo-boy, was he irritated.  I think what made him even madder was to see his family standing around laughing at him.  Laughing and taking pictures.  Laughing and videoing the outburst.  Laughing and eating cake before we finally let him down to go play with his new found love.

I think his mother was not too offended that Chunk's piece of her meticulously decorated Mickey Mouse cake ended up on the floor. He really doesn't need the calories.


  1. Chunky babies are the cutest though :P I really wish mine had been a fat pudge :( I'm so glad he's one years old now, although it seems like yesterday that she popped him out. He's such a cutie, no one can resist his happy attitude even if he does have a temper flare up now and then.

  2. juliegoose: It does seem like yesterday. No, yours was definitely not a fatty. The plus side was that I could lift her with one arm until she was almost six. Maybe I still can. I'm gonna try it...

  3. Hmmm, I posted this morning but it's not here. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the story of Chunk's first year. He was adorable then and still is (even when he's angry).

  4. He has those squeezable cheeks!! Happy birthday to your sweet grandson. It is kind of funny about the cake meltdown. I should probably let my cake hit the floor too. All those calories...

  5. Auntie M: Hmmm...the Case of the Missing Post. He is pretty adorable even when he's angry. That must be why we had so much fun watching him throw a fit.

    septembermom: I'm with ya there, in letting my cake hit the ground. My grandson's chunkiness sure didn't come from his mother---more than likely it came from his grandmother. :) However, have you ever had your heart set on a delectable dessert and then you accidentally drop it on the floor? I look pretty much like Angry Chunk when that happens.

  6. Hi Randi
    Memories! As you well know, each phase flies by and before you know it you are re-living it all again with their own babies. It's the best cycle I ever had.

  7. Ken: That's for sure! These phases do fly by more quickly than I care to acknowledge. Its fun to look at my baby Chunk and see my daughter's baby face in him. It's like living her babyhood all over again. Such a joy.

  8. so cute :)

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  9. Letherton: Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment!

    I checked out your site and loved it! I hope to win some giveaways soon. Thanks for inviting us to your site. So sorry to hear about the loss of your sister-in-law. That tragic story brought more than a few tears to my eyes. The necklace is perfect.

  10. He is so gorgeous I could gobble him up!!! Both of mine looked like The Godfather at one stage, but this guy just looks cuddly!!

  11. Janice: You shall surely have to come visit before he loses the chunk factor. He is very cuddly too. He loves to just mold his little body against yours for a brief squeeze. Then he's up and at 'em again, unless you have the good fortune to have him fall asleep against your shoulder!


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