Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nature Loves a Good Joke!

Yesterday kids were playing outside, riding bikes and flying kites. The scent of spring was in the air and our fruit trees were beginning to show little buds of hope.

Today...on April Fool's Day no less, we woke up to this:

Other than snow, my April Fool's Day has been pretty mild. A few students hid under desks and another one feigned amnesia [quite well, I might add.]

Did anyone play a good trick on you today?
What tricks did you play on others?


  1. Oh no! I forgot all about it!
    Incredible photographs Randi. What a surprise!

  2. Or is it an April Fool's trick?

  3. It's true, I had to clean off the cars...

  4. Great photos Randi! That does seem like Mother Nature has a sense of humor :)

  5. Ken: Alas, I wish it were a joke. (So does Winston who had to clean our paths.)But then I have to say I do love a God who has a sense of humor. :)

    Winston: Did I thank you for that?

    septembermom: I started taking pictures of the trees but when I saw my next door neighbor's bikes laying there, I knew I had the shot I was looking for. Thanks!

  6. Why, why must we have more snow! I can't stand this weather. I swear we were just about to skip around with our Easter baskets, but I think the Easter Bunny got snowed in. :(

  7. juliegoose: I guess that makes him the nor'easter bunny! Ha ha ha, oh I crack myself up--cracked like an Easter egg.

  8. Wow...great photos.

    Grace fooled me by e-mail. She sent a message saying "I lost three teeth." That was followed by a message saying "April Fool."

    I sent a message and asked if she had a fun day. She replied, No. I asked why, and she replied. It was a good day. April Fool.

    Jill froze milk in the kids' cups and then when she gave it to them in the morning she poured just a little milk on top. Surprise. They couldn't get more than a sip.

  9. Auntie M.: Go Gracie! How funny! Were you tricked? I love Jill's sense of humor. That was pretty crafty to freeze the milk and then add more. I'll have to remember that one.

  10. Gorgeous photos, even though I'm guessing you're as fed up of the snow as I am!

    I forgot about April Fool's Day on Thursday because the kids are older now. The cruellest one I ever did with a class of Greek students was to tell them their English exams had been brought forward by the government. I narrowly escaped a lynching!


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