Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Give Spring a Hug!

I am resolved to embrace spring and all that it brings this year.  Yes, even if it means heavy snowstorms!  Even if summer vacation starts after school on Friday.  Even if Saturday is May Day and I will be wearing snow boots. I won't let it get me down. Nevah!

This little guy is happy about spring!

These fruit trees were sporting some beautiful 
white and pink blossoms yesterday.


  1. Hi Randi
    Right here and now (9:00am) the sun is shining unopposed onto brightly coloured flowers which are gently quivering in the warm and occasional whisper of a breeze. Snow and ice are a million miles away.

    I'm shocked to see such pictures even though they have a great beauty about them.

  2. The bird in the snow photo is stunning.

  3. What a beautiful bird photo - the snow brought back bad memories, but you know I'm a sucker for robins! You could sell this photo, really...

    I'm so desperate for you to get some spring over there to help lift your spirits for the move. Do you get early summer hols because the summers are so hot/ It seems very early. Ours finish at the end of June. Hopefully, we'll be able to chat more, though; I like your holidays because your posts get longer and yummier, too, when you're not so busy.

  4. Little winter wonderland here today...

    Pretty pictures any season :)

  5. Ken: It sounds so beautiful and poetic! I wish snow and ice were a million miles away. Today (May 2) it was snowing again when we got up but luckily it dissipated and we didn't see any more. Spring will conquer--I have faith!

    Auntie M: The bird is an amazing little fellow, huh. I opened my side door and saw him huddled down on the branch and I prayed that he would stay long enough for me to grab the camera. I got about 8 pictures of him, but this one showed the most color, and so was the most striking against his background.

    Janice: Robins always seem like such a sign of spring and I'm sure he's wondering why he migrated back! I think (hoping, crossing fingers, praying) that spring is finally here. The snow we got today melted right away.
    Our summer holidays are probably a little longer than for most kids because we are a homeschool co-op and the kids finish when they have passed their grade level. We are able to progress a little quicker than most schools because our average class size is 7-8 kids, with our largest class only having 10 kids. In one of my classes, the kids were actually done with all their materials two weeks ago, but we improvised for the rest of the quarter.
    Yes, I am hoping we can chat more too, now that school's out.

    juliegoose: I could not have said it better myself.

    septembermom: Thank you! There's just something about snow that I find dramatic in photos.


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