Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cheap Spices

Last week's storage item was spices and herbs. Since I'm trying to follow my own advice and stock up on the items recommended, I was on the hunt for cheap spices to put into storage.

Walmart carries a spice brand called 5th Season that they sell for 50 cents!  They had different varieties of spices, including garlic and onion salt and powder, Italian seasoning, chili powder, cinnamon, lemon pepper, dried parsley, seasoning salt and others.  Because they want you to pay $4 for the same sized spice bottle, the 5th Seasoning brand was way on the bottom shelf.  Because I am cheap, cheap, cheap, I found those well-hidden bottles and am now passing on my shopping secrets to you.  If there's one thing my college marketing class taught me it was that the stuff they want you to buy is at eye level.

Of course if you are 6 inches tall, you would have found the 50 cent spices right away.

Make sure to check out the sidebar for this week's new storage item. 


  1. That's really good to know Randi. I always pay too much for my spices. Thanks for the tip!

    Hope you and your family have a lovely Easter!!!

  2. You're not cheap,cheap,cheap - you're an honorary Scot!

    I buy my spices cheaply in the World Foods section of my supermarket where they come in bigger containers with their original Asian and foreign names on.

    Happy Easter, m'dear, to you and yours!(And to you, too, septembermom!)

  3. Randi -

    Ok, maybe the other guys are thinking what I am thinking. You have "feminine needs" listed down there, the guys need to come up with an emergency man toolkit they'll need to survive as well. Mine are (in no particular order): 6 months of Mexican coke, at least 4 DVD-ROMS of audiobooks I've been procrastinating listening to, 2 packs of cow hooves & the extra expensive deer antlers from Red Bandana to keep 2 very bad dogs from killing each other, about 3 (as of last week) DVDs I keep planning to watch..., and my good portrait of Smokey I need to put on Facebook.

    Any other sundry "man items" to add the emergency man-pantry storage?

    God Bless,

  4. septembermom: Spices can be so expensive! We did have a very lovely Easter. I hope you did too. Thank you!

    Janice: I love being an honorary Scot! Thanks for having me. I think that would be interesting to buy spices with their original names on. I love unique containers, and re-using them. I enjoyed reading about your Easter!

    Adam: I loved hearing the man's perspective! Very nice! You heard him, men--any other masculine needs out there?


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