Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July Photo-a-Day Challenge STARTS WITH "T"

This is the track where I go walking almost every night with daughter Em and a few others. Well, actually, the others run and I walk. Em circles the track twice for every one of my laps.

As you can see, even though the city has us civilians on water restrictions (3x per week, only between the hours of 6 PM-10AM because "even though your grass is brown, it is not dead, only dormant" ) the grass at the high school track is a vivid green. The sprinkler on the far end waters only the track, not the grass. I guess since there is nothing going on at the track during summer vacation, they are keeping that grass green solely for the benefit of those who go for walks there.

T is also for a nostalgic look at boys and their toys in
Madonna Dries Christensen's anthology, Toys Remembered

This is a fun look at toys throughout past decades from the vantage point of actual users--boys! Reading this took me back to my childhood and caused me to reflect on toys that I had forgotten all about. From Thomas the Tank Engine to a Spyder bike to classic marbles, the authors of the stories bring these treasured toys to life, inspiring the reader to perhaps document the stories of their own toys before they are forgotten forever.

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