Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let the European Adventures Begin!

As of this writing, Computer Geek’s children, Gnome and Neo, are in an airplane somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. When I wake up tomorrow, they will be in Dublin, Ireland, the first leg of their European adventure. Our last name is one of those “O apostrophe” names, so they thought Dublin as a first stop was rather fitting.

Gnome had the idea several months ago, to hike through Europe. The idea became an obsession after she read Eat,Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. She then read Chris Guillebeau’s The Art ofNon-Conformity and the obsession became a concrete plan.

Gradually, they both realized that biking may be a little more realistic than hiking, if they wanted to visit all the stops on their desired itinerary. They purchased bikes and equipment, and read travel books. In May, they moved out of their apartment, and in with us, to save money for the trip. One of the most common phrases around our house during May was, “RickSteves says…”  

Gnome did a great job of taking care of the trip details. She called airlines to make sure they could check their bikes, and to be prepared for all possible fees. All her diligence though, couldn’t prevent problems one day into their trip.

They left yesterday to drive to the Las Vegas airport. Gnome was told by an airline employee over the phone that it would cost $50 each to check their bikes, as long as they didn’t weigh more than fifty pounds. Yet, when they checked their bikes, and they came in at fifty or under, they were told that it was actually $200 each to check in the bikes. Paying $400 was not in their plans, especially since they were only quoted $100.
Okay, I have a twisted sense of humor. I had an LOL moment when I realized the box said 
"Do not lay flat."

When they landed in Boston today, they were in for another surprise. The airline employee told Gnome over the phone that the airline would automatically transfer their bikes from the Las Vegas-Boston plane to the Boston-Dublin plane. They would have a 12 hour layover during which they had hoped to see a few sights in Boston. But it was not to be. The airline said that since the layover was too long, they could not transfer the bikes, meaning Gnome and Neo would have to hang out in the airport with their awkward fifty pound bike boxes until shortly before boarding. We’re hoping the rest of the trip isn’t as aggravating.

We are very proud of their decision to take some risks and have an adventure.  If you would like to be a part of their progress you can check out their blog here. They will update as soon as they find an internet hot spot in Ireland.

Gnome, getting ready to pack the car

 He doesn't look excited, does he?

It's a good thing they get along or this would be a very long trip.

Hoolie gets to go see her pa, who's also toured Europe. When will it be poor Hoolie's turrn?

See, Dad? It all fits!

This is where Computer Geek began weeping.


  1. What an amazing adventure they will have! I'm jealous.

    I have a warped sense of humor too. LOL.

  2. God speed, travelers.

  3. septembermom: I'm jealous too. And I bet we laugh at the same things!

    Auntie M: Is it making you homesick for the motherland? :)

  4. So exciting - I'll follow the blog. And I love Rick Steves!

  5. Jill: We love Rick Steves too! He's on every night at 7:00 here and his shows are so educational, not to mention beautiful.

  6. They'll have an experience of a lifetime.
    Shame about the additional annoying!

  7. I enjoyed reading about the preparations. Mmm...typical of mum to contribute financially:)
    Do you know often they plan to update the blog?

  8. Ken: They are planning to update whenever they can find internet access. They put up a couple of new posts today (the 6th of June) from Dublin. Thanks for checking out their blog!


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