Wednesday, June 22, 2011

End of June Question #1

I looked at my calendar and noticed it was June 23.  It seems hard to believe that June is almost over, especially since it hasn't been that long since it snowed here. For some reason, knowing that there are only eight days left in June, caused me to start thinking deep thoughts (Oh, stop laughing. Right now.). Assuming that you think deep thoughts too, I decided to spend the rest of June asking the Quangsters some questions.

From now through June 30, I'll be asking a daily thought prompter. Your job, should you expose yourself by accepting the assignment, is to answer the question by responding in the comments section. At the end of the day, I'll answer too--unless my answer seems really hokey after reading all your brilliant thoughts.

So, without further a due adieu ado, here is your first question: What grammatical error really bugs you?
Just kidding!

Ok, now that I got that out of my system, here's the real first question:

Your spouse or your best friend surprises you by presenting you  two tickets to a concert you have been dying to attend. Who is performing at that concert?

Here are the answers:
Anonymous: The Beatles and Elvis
Auntie M: Frank Sinatra and k.d.lang
Sandy: America
Adam: Ronnie James Dio, Danzig, and Jim Morrison
Septembermom: Dave Matthews

And now for my answer: Josh Groban. Not only is he an inspiring singer, I think he is an amazing human being too. He has no pretenses about being famous, and treats his fans like they are neighbors from his childhood. Sign up to be his friend on Facebook and you'll see what I mean.


  1. The Beatles or Elvis, who else?

  2. Anonymous: Classic choices! My brother impersonates Elvis in his local area.

  3. So, are we talking when the person was in her/his prime? Cuz there are current singers I would like to see perform but they've lost their voices.

  4. Auntie M--It's Mick Jagger, isn't it?

  5. LOL. Seriously, if it can be someone from the past, I'd go for Sinatra (in his prime). I was going to choose Streisand but I actually saw her on Broadway in Funny Girl.

  6. Auntie M: Sinatra.I never appreciated him when I was younger. Now when I hear him I am amazed. Was Streisand even better in person? I've seen some people in concert and am awed when I hear how powerful they really sound.

  7. Streisand was just beginning her career then, and it was a Broadway show, not a concert, but she had a powerful and unique voice. A show-stopper. I remember the first time I heard her sing, on the Ed Sullivan Show, I knew she would be a big star.

  8. um AMERICA... end of discussion :)

  9. Auntie M: My favorite Streisand songs are the ones she did in the remake of " A Star is Born."

    Sandy: America? Who's that? Just kidding, just kidding! :) Ok, you should tell the lovely people all about your America experiences. Yup--right here.

  10. Either

    (1) Ronnie James Dio
    (2) Danzig before he got fat & threw out his voice (Evil Elvis or not the man has still let himself go IMHO)
    (3) Or Jim Morrison

    God Bless,

  11. Adam: You never fail to educate! I have to go Google two out of those three because I have never heard of them.

  12. Nice responses:) I thought Dio died last year. And well, we all know Morrison died way back when... Good Luck with those ones Adam. :)

    To see America in concert is addicting! Even after 40 years of touring, you can still see the gleam they have in their eyes.(because they love what they do!)They are great perfomers, their songs are awesome. They have a way of captivating the crowd. I have read on their fan blog many people talking about the "afterglow" they feel after a show. *sigh* ;)
    What makes them great to me is how they treat their fans.
    They know why they have been successful in touring for 40 years.
    They have a very loyal fan base and it is amazing to read how far some of them travel just to see them.
    I have read about people traveling from the states to see them in Europe.
    I too wanted to go to Italy to see America. :) (we went to Disneyland instead)

    Before or after the show, Dewey and Gerry will usually do a "meet and greet".
    I remember the first time I saw them, I invited them to come to our county fair!
    When you meet them you feel like you have already known them for years. They are laid back, but have a great sense of humor.

    America was in St. George at the Tuacahn. We took all of our kids and went. By far the best place to have a summer concert hands down! They were at the ampitheater with the red rocks as a backdrop. Cool canyon breezes, a beautiful sunset and America. Could anything be better? I think not. :)
    Anyway, after the show, Dewey and Gerry did a meet and greet. We waited in line for about 15 minutes, which felt like an hour with 3 kids! (11,7, and 1 year(s)) It was worth the wait! They were so happy to see that we brought our family! We had pics taken with them, they signed autographs for us.
    Dewey commented about how he had a grandson my baby's age. They spoke with my two oldest kids like they already knew them. It seemed like we picked up with them where we left off at the last concert.
    But the sweetest part of it was how Dewey signed my daughters ticket. Her name is spelled Amylia, pronounced Amelia. Dewey was writing a note to her on her ticket and she corrected his spelling error. He said, "O, Amylia with a Y, I got it.." We continued talking, and as we were leaving, they both said bye to us, but then Dewey said " Bye Amylia with a Y" :). You should have heard my little 7 year old telling everyone about it.

    Now who couldn't love that?

    Did I mention they are in concert at the Tuacahn September 22, at 8pm? Buy tickets now! (They really aren't that much!) The best seats go fast, and they are worth it! :)

  13. Sandy has me convinced! How about the rest of you? Thanks, Sister Golden Hair for giving us an inside view of the Horse With No Name people. My favorite America song: You Can Do Magic.

  14. Here comes one more, among current singers who still have a voice, I would like to see and hear k d lang in concert. My spouse, however, would probably let me take someone else with ticket two.

  15. Auntie M: She's a singer I have forgotten all about. I don't hear a lot of current music though. I did like her very first song though.

  16. Sandy -

    Yeah Dio died last year of stomach cancer, but even in his 60s the man could hit the high notes. Morrison dead too, which is why I am hoping Danzig's cover album includes some Doors & Elvis (he is a "dead ringer" for Elvis & Morrison IMHO). Danzig just is no longer any good live, so he's basically a show pony now, good for studio albums or remixing the stuff he did before he threw his voice out.

    Volbeat is really good too, its like a combo of Punk/Johnny Cash / Rockabilly type music - Danish singer great voice.

    Just my "fantasy list". If it were a real fantasy list it would also include swapping one living Beatle (Ringo) for a dead one (Harrison).

    God Bless,

  17. septembermom: I have heard that Dave Matthews is fantastic in concert!


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