Wednesday, June 29, 2011

End of June Question #6

Sorry, I was absent yesterday and not near a computer. But I am back today, better than ever, stronger, and maybe even a little bit cuter.

Cranium-stretching question number six:

Do you have an affinity for a place (town, city, vacation spot,) other than your hometown? This would be a place where as soon as you get there, you feel "home."  Why do you love this place?


  1. Randi -

    Yes two places Savannah, Georgia & Spring City, Utah. Someday I'll tell the why & when, now is just the where :)

    Back on the music tangent... on Danzig check out "Cold Cold Rain" on YouTube (I thought this was an Elvis original when I first heard it, but its one Glenn wrote which really sounds like Elvis in tone & voice), as is "Blood & Tears" & "One Night" (which is an actual Elvis cover). He wrote songs for Roy Orbison & Johnny Cash too, "You & Me (Less Than Zero)" (which is a real power ballad). His song "Mother" you might recognize as the intro to a lot of Alex Jones' shows..

    On Dio "Rainbow in the Dark", "Holy Diver", "Heaven & Hell", "Children of the Sea" (anything by him live is great).

    God Bless,

  2. I thought about this and home is where I feel the most at home. When I'm out, even for lunch with friends, or shopping, or running errands, I'm eager to get home. Actually, I think I'm slightly agoraphobic, if one can be slightly phobic.


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