Saturday, May 28, 2011

When You Wish Upon an Eyelash...

I’ve said it before here on this blog, and I will say it again: God gave us children so that we will remember to laugh.
1. Seven year old Grandson Avatar spent last week visiting his relatives in Iowa Heaven and South Dakota. His first night in South Dakota was a little unnerving for him and he cried to his mother, “I just want to go home!” Since home was an 18 hour drive away, that was not possible. Instead, my daughter Em offered to say a prayer with him, so that he would be comforted. When the prayer was over, he was still quivering, and said, “There’s no place like home.”

Chunk and Avatar

2. Granddaughter Hoolie, who is nearly eight, is leaving in a few days to spend the summer with her father in Las Vegas while her mother and uncle are spending the summer in Europe.  In the car tonight we had a little conversation about how much I will miss her:

Me: Hoolie? I love you!
Hoolie: I love you too.
Me: But do you know how much I really love you? Do you feel it?
Hoolie: I know, Grandma.
Me: I will be so sad when you leave. Have you ever had a paper cut?
Hoolie: Yes.
Me: Do you know how much they hurt?
Hoolie: Yes. I’ve had one before.
Me: Well, if you pour lemonade on that paper cut, that will be how much my heart will hurt when you are gone. So if you want to, you can call me any time, okay?
Hoolie: Oh, goodness gracious! If it’s going to cause you that much pain, I’ll do it.

3. I learned something new from little Hoolie tonight, something I never learned in school.

Hoolie: Grandma, did you know if you pull out your eyelash and make a wish, it will come true?
Me: No, I have never heard that.
Hoolie: Well, it’s true. I pulled out an eyelash today and my wish came true!
Me: You did? What did you wish for?
Hoolie: Grandma! I can’t tell you that! Actually, I did it twice and both times my wish came true.
Me: Where did you learn such a thing?
Hoolie: From Gregory [her friend.] He did it too and it worked!
Me: I have never heard anything like it.
Hoolie: Yeah—wishing on an eyelash is so much easier than wishing upon a star.

Good thing eyelash extensions are the rage.


  1. Your conversation with Hoolie is so sweet! Let's all keep wishing...

  2. Kids say the bestest things.

  3. Well, I am just going to have to try that. What cutie pies, and such a sweet story of Avatar missing his Mom..awww..just breaks my heart.

  4. that picture of the boys is the best.

  5. Hi Randi
    I've just popped back to say how much I enjoyed reading your's the way you tell'em!


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