Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rainy Days in Utah

Something you should know about my living space in Utah--it hardly ever rains. Back in my homeland of Iowa, it could rain for days. When I moved to Utah it would rain for five minutes, then not rain again for another month. If I went to Walmart and it started raining, I would turn on the car radio, listen to a song, and then the rain, rain would go away and I could go into the store, perfectly dry.

Not so this week. It rained for four days straight, so I had an eventful week.  My hair got wet when I went to Walmart.(Wet hair spray makes for some truly unattractive hair.) My jeans got mud- splattered. I had to wear my snow boots in the garden. ( I don't own a pair of rain boots. In Utah?  Pshaw!) But when it stopped raining and the sun broke through the clouds, I did what any sane 21st century woman would do--I grabbed my camera!

I love the drop of rain ready to spill off that leaf.

Apple blossoms!

Our house isn't toothpaste any more--it's mouthwash!

Can you smell it?

First thing up in the garden every year--radishes!

Our back yard is very "rustic."

Winter boots. Yup, I put in this stone pathway myself.

Cinder blocks.

Okay, I may be kind of hokey, but I love taking pictures of  random objects. Especially when they're wood, and even more especially when they're wet.

Chives growing among the plum trees. 

Boundary line between our yard and the neighbor's. A very woodsy feel.

More wet wood. Yum.

The herb garden.

Stump used for sitting around the fire pit.

Have you even noticed that all streets on TV shows are wet? That's because water makes everything more dramatic and crisp.

Grandchildren are especially cute in the rain.

My Mother's Day flowers in my favorite color.

And the very best thing about rain?


  1. Bee-oo-tee-full.

  2. It's a complete double rainbow! It's too much, what does this mean????

  3. Nice photographs, Randi. I love the blossom and rainbows...and the bright-eyed artist of a granddaughter (I'm assuming she'd been painting).

  4. AW MAN! I was gonna say what Levizmom said! NO FAIR!

  5. I've lived in Utah quite a while. Rainy weather comes and goes in cycles. I'm keeping my fingers crossed we won't have flooding. Loved your pictures.

  6. Auntie M: Thank you!

    Levizmom: It's full on! A double rainbow all across the sky! It's so bright and vivid! Oh! Oh! I'm crying now.

    Ken: Your artist's eye picked up on that! She she had been painting, but with markers. She's a very creative, artistic little girl.

    Sandy: It's so intense! If only we could all be as happy as that guy, eh?

    Kathi: We've had 3 more days of rain since I posted this and some areas of Utah are getting slammed with flooding. I sure hope that your area is still safe and that you haven't been affected? Sincerely hoping all is well where you are.

  7. Lol. Oh. The rain. Lol... It was a monsoon here where I'm at! We are told to watch out. The snow hasn't exactly melted from the mountains and we be in danger! Yipe! I'm not sure how badly it will be, but it will break the last worst record--whatever that is! *gulp*

    Beautiful pics and children, btw!

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  8. Beautiful shots Randi!! Gorgeous rainbow too. Love them all.

    Would you want to be a contributing photographer over at Write With Pictures? I'm sure your nature pictures would inspire some amazing writing. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!


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