Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Inherited My Good Luck from my Daughter

Original Quangsters may remember a post I wrote about the ability of my daughter to win ev-er-y-thing.

Well, step aside youngster, because Mama's taking over.  I won three things in the past two weeks!

1. I won this amazing notebook from Carolina Pads .  Please see all my previous notes about how much I drool over office/school supplies. Luckily the cover is heavy duty and my saliva wiped right off!

2. I won a book from motivational guru and travel hacker, Chris Guillebeau. I got it in the mail today and can't wait to dig in. More on this book later, and where you can pick up your copy on September 7. (Yes, I take great pride in the fact that I got an advance copy.)

3. Is today my lucky day? Must be because not only did Fedex have Chris's book sitting on my porch when I got home for lunch, but I also won a personally designed clipboard from Bow Peep Creations! Mine will look something like this adorable sample:

Did I ever mention how I drool over school supplies?
{Photo Credit: Bow Peep Creations}

Too bad Utah doesn't sell lottery tickets.  I'm telling you, blog contests are worth the few seconds of time it takes to enter.


  1. How fun! I love winning things :)

  2. Taleah: Me too! If only my luck applied to things like 4-wheelers and trips to Hawaii. You'll have to read the new book I got when I finish.

  3. Did you buy lottery tickets? Lots and lots of them? :)

  4. Daisy: No kidding! If Utah had such a thing, I'd be buying them up!

  5. How exciting! Congrats! They are very cute prizes.

  6. Move over, M, the cougar is on the prowl for giveaways.

  7. you are sooooo like my sister.. she keeps winning semi precious stones and finding some one's hard earned money as dropped bills on the road.

    she is damn lucky.. and me? even when i find a dime.. a beggar exposes his palm towards me.. I HAVE TO GIVE THAT right away.


    love Naqvee

  8. Well -- I wish that I could rub your shoulder or your head or something and perhaps it would wear off on my! I'm really thrilled for you (and perhaps slightly jealous). The items you won are fabulous! Congratulations!


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