Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oblivious Mom

My son saw this photo when I was downloading them from my camera.

Weston: Mom, do you know why I am in despair in this picture?

Me:  No. I didn't realize you were in despair.

Weston: Yeah, I had just hit my head and shins on the bar and was on my way to the fountain because it was so hot.

Never be in despair when your mother has a camera in her hands. Your pain will go unnoticed.


  1. In despair? I'm impressed with the language. Great photo, by the way.

  2. Ha! How true. Don't forget the times when they're trapped and we make them hold that pose for the shot. Hee hee.

  3. Auntie M: Yeah, he comes up with some doozies. Thanks for the compliment. When I noticed that look of utter despair on his face I said, "What a great shot of human suffering. I need to capture that." Not. I was totally oblivious. :)

    Jill@Controlling my Chaos: I've done that! Or when their sibling punches them and instead of intervening right away we take a picture? Guilty.

  4. It is a great photo.
    And I'm sure you know I've captured many a photo op before swooping in for a rescue.

  5. Jill: It's what mothers do. I have a classic photo of Em crying while Kay is exulting over a well-delivered punch. How else would Em have proof that her younger sister could beat her up? :)

  6. Well, in order to get a great shot... I think he liked to add a little dramatic flair to this childhood moment. Tell him that he looked like Gregory Peck walking off in the distance. Boy, am I dating myself now. I know he'll say "Gregory who?" LOL.

  7. septembermom: You nailed it! He is the king of drama, hence his choice of words---"in despair."

    I just told him that you said he looked like Gregory Peck. He said, "Oh" and went back to watching the cartoon Avatar:Airbender. I asked him if he knew who Gregory Peck was and he said "No." No curiosity there. I picked the wrong time to enlighten him. :)


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