Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Splash

Summer, to me, is synonymous with water. Every August I feel an urgent need to get my fill of water so that I can feel my summer has been complete. Whether I fill that need by visiting an ice blue swimming pool, a stream making its way down a mountain canyon, or a sandy beach by a lake mattereth not.

Yesterday, Computer Geek, Weston and I went to a local lake accompanied by daughters Em and Gnome and their children. We spent a couple of hours watching kids play in the water until a sudden storm raced across the mountain. A beach ball flew across the sand, the umbrella turned inside out, and baby Chunk whimpered at the sudden cold. Until then, we spent an enjoyable two hours and we all came home a little tanner.

Grandson Chunk had fun throwing rocks on Grandma's chair

Pinque and Avatar


Weston, Chunk, Em, Pinque, and Avatar

Fun on the paddleboat

Ah...see what I mean?  Summer.

I love these trees growing in the water.

They made it back in the paddleboat right before the storm hit!

A happy Avatar!

Chunk with bottle, Grandpa's cell phone, and Mommy.

Doesn't this look like a blue tornado?

I'm thankful for loving family and warm summer days.


  1. Great photos. Loving those backward shots. And the blue tornado. Wow. Looks like a fun day.

  2. Auntie M: Yeah, I'm having fun with those backward shots. It was a nice day---you should have come over.

  3. What a beautiful place!
    I have several photos of my little chunk with the very same cell phone and similar bottle. Boys!

  4. Jill: That's funny! Even at a young age males are comforted by technology!

  5. These are gorgeous fact they all are, I just browsed a bit, and you have such a beautiful family to be so proud of.

  6. Debbie: Thank you! I appreciate having you pop on over! I was over on your site a little earlier and was envious of your fun girls night out. Still crossing my fingers on your giveaway. :)

  7. Hi Randi
    I think I'm drawn to water too.
    Lovely photos and thanks for introducing me to my very first blue tornado.

  8. Ken: There's something very calming, yet invigorating, about being near water. It was my first blue tornado too! :)

  9. A blue tornado? I never heard of it before. Interesting.

    Great pictures full of smiles and beauty. Just wonderful.

  10. septembermom: Alas, the blue tornado exists only in my mind. :) Nothing like being near water in the summer, eh?

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