Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

Remember two short Sundays ago, when in a fit of delusion, I couldn't remember why I dreaded the fall season?

Today I remember!


  1. That's amazing! It looks fantastic! All we will get is murky slush!

  2. whoo hooo.. looks beautiful!!!

  3. In Utah? In October? Before Halloween?

    It's pretty, though.

  4. As the one who cleared snow off our vehicles this morning, I concur...

  5. To all: And the end result of all this snow is...I feel like Christmas shopping! [Comment aimed directly at Winston Smith and his wallet.]

  6. I'm confused - blame age - but remind me who Winston Smith is? Can I aim some requests at his wallet too, please? Is he like Santa?

    Beautiful photos, m'dear, although I can't quite get my head round it arriving so soon after you were sitting sunbathing on your deck when the preacher called.

    I love looking at snow, watching the kids playing in it, taking photos of it and writing about it, but apart from Christmas Eve, I'm not sure yet if we're friends again. We fell out of love when I was young.

    When I was a wee girl, I loved building snowmen, but snow also meant struggling in drifts in the dark to get to and from school, getting snowballs down my neck, chilblains on my toes and sitting steaming in damp woollen scratchy clothes all day.

    I only venture out in it now if I'm completely mummified in appropriate clothing and get to build snow wolves. (They're easier than snowmen and you can sit on them.)

    Thanks for cheering me up - you always do!

  7. I just went back to read comments from previous posts (my feed thingie is 'broken' and doesn't send me alerts any more, even when I subscribe to comments)I now feel really stupid. It's a Clark Kent Superman thing, isn't it; Winston Smith is Computer Geek. I'm slow, but I get there!

  8. really snow already!? Come back to Iowa where the wind is just picking up, but no snow!

  9. Janice: I can't get my head around snow yet, either. I mean, didn't I just barely write a post on how to enjoy what's left of summer? It is actually very early here for snow. Early snow is an Iowa thing (see Jed above.)

    Did you have to walk quite a way to school when you were young? I remember sitting in wet clothes at school too. Even when I was able to take a bus to school, it was still almost 8 blocks to the bus stop, then another 4 to school after I got off the bus.

    I've never heard of snow wolves! I think I shall build me one this winter. Heck, why wait for winter? I'll do it now!

    And yes, WS=CG. :)

  10. Jed: I ask you, is this fair? I saw the picture yesterday of your wife and son picking apples with an amazing lack of snow behind them! In fact, there was an amazing amount of GREEN behind them. Gloat while you can, my friend. :)


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