Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How the Other Half Lives

My daughter Em and my hubby Computer Geek went to their employer's house for a party last Saturday. As CG promised me, he took photos of his employer's amazing new house.

The house is complete with 4-story tree house, an indoor slide that goes from the third floor to the basement--ending in a room full of plastic balls, a fireman's pole that covers two stories, a theater room with massaging recliners and full service concession stand, a trampoline room with Velcro on the walls so you can jump and stick, three kitchens, a beach in the backyard that leads to a pond with paddleboats, and get this--secret passages in some of the rooms!

I don't begrudge L.L. Cool Guy his house because he shares everything he has and is extremely generous. He allowed employees, some of them unknown to him, to wander freely through the house, exploring the rooms and passages.

Here's a fun peek at how the other half lives!

The shallow end

The deep end

Grandson, Avatar

Two of my nameless, faceless 9th grade students

The treehouse

The backyard!

Another backyard view

The pool house

Daughter Em, Grandson Chunk, and Computer Geek


  1. "an indoor slide that goes from the third floor to the basement"


    Wow, it looks like a great time was had by all. Whoever this person is, they clearly have a great sense of fun. No wonder those kids look so happy!


  2. Hayden: I know! Can you imagine having a slide like that? His house is a child's (or an un-grownup's) dream! I'd have been one of the first down that slide if I had gone! I also love the backyard pond, with paddleboats and the bridge. I'd never leave home---all my fantasies would be right there! Can you imagine playing hide and seek with the secret passages? (Rumor has it there are nine.)

  3. Nope, I can't really fit ANY of those things into my house and garden. The slide would be too short a ride and the pool would mean restricted access to the shed. If I could fit it all in, would I?

  4. Ken: How about if we make the slide six stories? Would that be enough of a ride? (Methinks Ken is a bit of a daredevil!) Ken, I think the pool would be just fine because you could take the paddleboat from the house to the shed. What fun, eh? :)

  5. 4 story tree house??? My kids would go crazy to climb into that space. So cool. What a house!

    Great pictures, Randi :)

  6. septembermom: Your kids could each have their own level! I always wanted a tree house as a child. Who am I kidding? I still want a treehouse.

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  8. When I come visit you, can you take me over there on some work 'errand' with CompuG and Em?! Pleeeezzzzz....It looks like a luxury holiday resort!

    This guys strikes me as being someone who likes spreading joy and sharing his blessings.

  9. Janice: That sounds like a plan to me! And yes, he does love to share his blessings. We've been the lucky recipients on many occasions. So have many, many others. He just makes me want to go around doing good.


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