Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time to Clean the Wax from my Elderly Ears

Weston and I were idly chatting as he was getting ready for bed.  Then he asked me a question that gave me brain freeze.

"Why do people think that breeding is fun?"

Quick, Randi. Think of an answer that gives him the information he is seeking, without overwhelming him. You want him to feel free to ask such questions in the future, yet you don't want to embarrass him or make him feel uncomfortable. Start off with sparse information, then let him guide the conversation.

"Well it usually starts off with having a love for children. Children bring a lot of joy and happiness to people."

He scrunched up his freckled face and said, "Huh?"

"Well, it can be fun because people want to have children--"

"Mom, what did you think I asked you?"

"Um, why do people think that breeding is fun?"

"No, I said "Why do people think that reading is fun?"

Whew. That one's a lot easier to explain.


  1. Ah, yes, laugh out loud this morning.

  2. hahahahaha!

    I just had to explain to the 8-year-old what "sexy" means.


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