Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Days of Joy...............Day 30!

Oh, if only I could do life the way I do my blog.

Thirty days would only happen when I blog about them. Time would move slower. Children would stay at that precious age where they still ask you to scratch their backs. I wouldn't watch the news and hear them say, "An elderly man was struck and killed by a Trax train today."

He was fifty-seven. In what world is fifty-seven elderly? In five years and one month I will be fifty-seven! Puh-lease.

Fifty-seven will only happen when I get around to blogging about it.

Kind of like my thirty days of joy. Come on, you didn't think that my thirty days of joy would actually last thirty days, did you?

So for the last day of joy, I bring you the cause of much happiness in my life today.  Firefox 8. Yeah, baby.

A few weeks ago I downloaded Firefox 7. I supposed at the time, that it would come with all kinds of slick new features. Features like being able to use it to browse the internet, check my email, oh and maybe even BLOG.  Nope.  Firefox 7 came with a very annoying new feature. It is called "Not Responding."

You know how when your kids are little they think that if they hide their faces, you can't see them? Or when you try to get them to do something they stick their fingers in their ears and say, "Not listening."  Firefox 7 was kind of like that.

If I tried to read an email, it would say, "Oh, did you select that email?  Ha ha! Not listening!"  Or when I would visit the blogs of some of my very favorite bloggy friends, it would freeze all activity on my computer and say, "What did you want me to do? Work? Sorry...lah dee dah...I'm in my hammock right now."

When I tried to post something new I would get the "Not Responding" out-of-office memo.  I didn't much like Firefox 7.

So today when I got a message asking me if I wanted to update to Firefox 8 to fix "stability issues," I wasted no time weighing out the pros and cons. There were no cons. It was easy.

Nevertheless, I did have some joy all those days I couldn't post about it.

Computer Geek had a birthday.
They cancelled school this week due to a chicken pox outbreak.
There's tomato juice in the fridge.
I won a $20 gift certificate to Say it on the Wall. (Uber cool vinyl site--I'll post pics when I get my product.)
Weston came out of his room dressed for bed wearing red shorts and socks.
Gal pal Ekanela tucked a little candy corn surprise in my door.

Yeah, life is good when you're elderly.


  1. I wondered when the "elderly" person would be back. I often see headlines such as, Grandma holds off burglar in her home. It usually turns out that said Grandma is in her early 40s and is an ex-Marine.

  2. Beautiful you, elderly????? Never possible!! You and I will be dancing machines way into our nineties!!! I agree that I wish life could be more like a blog schedule. Time is flying by, but I want to add a punch of fun more and more. Life needs it and so do I!

  3. Auntie M: It just goes to show the power of words, doesn't it? We can manipulate emotions and perceptions by a carefully chosen word or a well-crafted sentence. I loved your example! So true.

    Septembermom: You've got that right! We'll never stop dancing. I love your choice of words--"a punch of fun." I think I need a punch of fun too. I have to go ponder that now. :)

  4. How can a firefoxy lady 8 be elderly? If you are, then you must be the youngest old person I know!

  5. Ken: I like that--being the youngest old person that someone knows! I can handle being elderly when you put it that way. :)


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