Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Learned it on Pinterest! Amazing Hair Hacks

Imagine with me, two scenarios.

1. Your family is experiencing financial hardship due to unemployment, or illness, or all seven of your kids being in college at once. You need a haircut, but can't afford the $45 to go get your long hair layered. What do you do?

2. The power has gone out due to a snowstorm. You know you have to go to work tomorrow regardless, but are worried that the power will still be out in the morning so you won't be able to curl your hair. What do you do?

Well thanks to Pinterest , I have learned that the solutions to these two problems are very simple.

Solution 1. Layer your own hair

Solution 2. 
Cut the toe off an old sock to make a hair scrunchy
Put your hair into a pony tail using a hair band
Take the old sock and make a sock bun in the manner shown in the video, misting your hair with water first.
Sleep on it.
Take out the sock bun in the morning and fluff up your curls!

Now you didn't think I would post these tips on my blog without trying them first, did you? Yesterday, I cut my hair into layers using Solution 1, then curled my hair overnight using Solution 2.

Are you ready for the results?

Layered, curled and ready to go on a Sunday morning.

I talked to a hairdresser friend tonight who was familiar with the layering technique.She learned it in cosmetology school, but they can't use it. Because then who would pay $45 for a hair cut? 

Don't throw away those holey socks!


  1. I can't believe I watched and enjoyed both videos.

  2. I don't have long hair but it's hard to believe it's that simple.
    Your hair looks lustrous. Don't think I've ever used that word before. And that young woman sure is cute.

  3. Ken: Aw, you are such a good sport! If you ever grow your hair out again...

    Auntie M: I found it hard to believe it was that simple, too. That's why I had to share. I don't think anyone has ever called my hair lustrous before. Thank you. And yes, that girl is a cutie, isn't she? Loved her accent.

  4. I used to cut my long hair that very same way. Your hair looks beautiful!
    Now I'll happily be singing "Hair" all day.


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