Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks

I’ve spent the last two days with family and friends, feeling the gratitude that the Thanksgiving holiday was meant to inspire. How about you? Did you get to spend some time with your loved ones? Or maybe take a rest and relaxation break?

A list of things that I am grateful for has been running through my mind the past couple of days. Like most everyone, I am grateful for the biggies. I also am grateful for the silly little things that make life enjoyable. I call them The Biggies and The Littles. If you like, I’ll share that list with you.  Do I hear begging? Oh, all right. Here ya go.

The Biggies

I am grateful for the influence of God in my life. Too many miracles have happened for me to ignore His hand. My life, and my son’s life, have both been saved in miraculous ways. I have frequently prayed for food to feed my kids during desperate times and it showed up on my doorstep. I avoided a car crash when my vehicle and the other involved “floated” through each other instead of colliding. Many times I have lost things and after praying heard a voice in my head clearly telling me where to find the lost item. I hate to think of my life without His presence.

Family.  I have an amazing husband who just about every day tells me in one way or another that he thinks I’m beautiful. I actually feel pretty around him. He helps with dishes and laundry.  He does things with my son, who is not his own. He is easy going and rarely gets mad, except at politicians. 

My oldest daughter is a Godsend to me. She is kind, caring, thoughtful, loving, intelligent and is one of my best friends. 

My second daughter is my sweet baby girl who makes me laugh (always has!) with her goofy antics. She is a hard worker has been able to read my mind on several occasions, then state my thoughts out loud. 

My son is an affectionate boy who is nearly as goofy as his big sister. He tells me every day that he loves me, and tries to be a good teenager.

My step-kids, grandkids, dad, brother, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws of all kinds, and people I’ve adopted are all a joy to me. Yeah, they’re grouped together in a list, but each and every one is loved.

I have the best friends in the world (many of whom are included in the family section.) My friends are always thoughtful and sensitive and considerate and look out for my well-being. I don’t know what I did to be blessed by having such amazing people care about me, but I am grateful.

Soldiers. I might not agree with every war or every cause that sends these men and women into battle, but I’m sure they don’t either. Yet, they sacrifice their time, their family lives, their interests and hobbies, and in a lot of cases their lives, for our nation and ultimately, for me. Some of them are so very young. I could not do what they do.

Being Female. I like being a girl. I don’t know how God decides who gets to be male and who gets to be female, but I’m glad I am what I am.

Kindness. There are so many kind people in the world. Just look up “random acts of kindness” on the internet and you will be amazed.  Here’s a project for you if you want to play along. This week, do one of the following:
*Tape 50 cents to a gumball machine along with a note that says, “Have a ball!”   
*Send a thank-you card to someone.
*Compliment a grocery store cashier. “Thank you for double-bagging that for me,” or something similar.

As I watch the Black Friday insanity, I am grateful that I don’t have to fight my way through a crowd for basic life necessities. Today people fought like lionesses over a gazelle carcass for $2 waffle irons and DVD’s and video games.  People in other countries have fought the same way over bread or water. I am grateful I have the luxury right now, and believe me it is truly a luxury, to stay in my home and let the degenerates fight it out among themselves.

The Littles

Funny things kids say.  And do. They bring humor to an adult’s sometimes tedious life.

Tomatoes. I eat them plain. I drink them in juice. They are in my spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce and chili. My undisputed favorite food.

People who can sing. I can’t. I count on those of you who can to make my life pleasant.Are you listening Josh?

The internet. Learning has always been a great joy in my life and thanks to the internet, any kind of knowledge I would like to pursue is at my fingertips.

Cameras. I love taking pictures. As I get older, and more and more memories crowd my brain, photographs help me remember what happened in my life.

Getting mail other than a bill. I love postcards, letters, free samples, things I’ve ordered, catalogs, and cards.

Jeopardy. I consider it a good night if I can get five answers right. I am convinced that Alex Trebek is the world’s smartest man. He knows everything and can correctly pronounce every word. I think he should play on the show sometime.

Peonies. Best smelling flower ever. And that shade of pink is magical.

Vicks Vapo-rub. It, along with white noise, helps get this allergy-girl to sleep every night.

Pens. Love them. Markers, highlighters, ballpoints, gels, watercolors, it mattereth not. I love them all. In fact, my former boss once bought me a Palm Pilot to replace my Franklin Planner. I stopped using it because I couldn’t color in my schedule entries or doodle all over the page.

Writing. I don’t know what else to do.

Beaches. Sand. Water. Sun.Aah.

Iowa. It’s too humid in the summer. It’s numbingly cold in the winter. But its color-splashed springs and crisp autumns, along with the nice people, twang my heart chords.

Humor. People with a good sense of humor are so attractive. Not the slapstick kind—can’t stand it—but a fine verbal wit. George Carlin. Jack Handey. Robert Brault. And—is anyone looking?—Monty Python.

Words. They way they feel on my tongue. They way they can formulate an image in my mind. The way they stab the exact meaning I am trying to convey. Here are some of my favorites:  Synergy. Poignant. Persephone. Serendipity. Eloquent. Archipelago. Evanescent.  And this phrase from Warren Zevon: Little old lady got mutilated late last night.

Now that I’ve made my list of The Biggies and The Littles, I am confident that I will start thinking of all the ones I forgot. I reserve the right to keep adding.

What are some of your Littles?


  1. Hey Randi! I stopped here at your blog about an hour ago, and forgot to leave a comment. Then I blog hopped and found my way back. Have you ever done that?? I love all your Biggies and Littles that you're thankful for. I'm right there with you on many of them! I gotta know, though, what about Iowa? I know you don't live there...Just curious because my roots are there! It's about 1:00AM, so I better log off for, today! :)

  2. Hi Becky! I blog hop all the time, fully intending to go back and make comments. Sometimes I actually make it back! Other times...well, not so much. Iowa is where I'm from. You too? I was born,raised, and lived most of my life in Sioux City. What part are you from? I can't believe we've both lived in Heaven!

  3. Hey Randi! No, I'm not from Iowa, but my parents and both sets of grandparents were born and raised there! My two older sisters were also born there. We visited every summer when I was a little girl and I have such beautiful memories. I have chapters about it in my memoir! Another thing we have in common...we love Iowa!

  4. Becky: I am so glad you have beautiful memories of Iowa. It's one of my favorites places in the world--not that I've seen that many.:) The sights, smells, sounds, all are burned in my memory. I'm sure it's the same no matter where a person grows up. We all favor our own little neighborhood.

  5. Nice post, Randi. Life is good. I'm grateful that you and your family are in my life, albeit mostly electronically.

  6. Auntie M: I am glad too that you and your family are in my life. I've adored you since I was a little girl. You've always been a bright spot in my life, and have become even more so thanks to the internet age. Love you.

  7. You have a LOT to be thankful for, Randi.
    Wish I had time to stop and list mine, but life is just too hectic at the moment. We had a great thanksgiving get-together (my son's wife is American) at the weekend...its tired us out!

  8. Ken: I do have a lot to be thankful for; you are so right. It's so fun that you celebrated Thanksgiving too!

  9. Jill: Hee hee--I knew you would, O Queen of Costumes! :)


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