Saturday, April 30, 2011

April A to Z Challenge: U,V,W,X,Y,and Z are for ...

Yeah, so I'm a little late on this A-Z challenge.  I promise you I had the best of excuses. Do you want to hear them?  As a teacher, I know some that will amaze you. The rules of this challenge say that you may post pictures for your daily entry so I am going for it.

U is for Utah (naturally.)
Arched red rocks are a common view in Utah. This was taken in Bryce Canyon.

V is for Violets
One thing I missed about Iowa was the abundance of little purple violets springing up at the first sign of spring. This is the first year since I moved to Utah fourteen years ago that I have seen violets in my backyard. Reminds me of home.

W is for Warmth
I visited a friend today and snuggled up in her flower pot were four cats trying to stay warm. I couldn't resist whipping out the camera.

X is for Xylitol
So you all know about xylitol, right?  It's an amazing sweetener that doesn't raise blood sugar levels and can actually remineralize tooth enamel. The dictionary says it's an artificial sweetener, but since it comes from plants, I'm thinking it's natural. I use Tom's toothpaste because it has xylitol in it. [ Annoying disclaimer: Tom's did not pay me or give me any product for expressing my opinion. The government says I have to say that.]

Y is for Yuba
Yuba is a local lake that passes for entertainment on hot days. Not the most pristine of environments, but we take what we can get.

Z is for Zebulon

Zebulon Eugene Francis Guertin, bottom row third from right, is my great-great-grandfather. He was born in 1840 and died in 1923. He is my mother's mother's father's father. Third from the right on the top is his son Edgar, my great grandfather.

Whew! I completed the April A-Z challenge with 58 minutes to spare. I haven't taught students for the last four years without learning something.


  1. I knew you'd make it through April. The genealogist in me must correct you on the photo. Zebulon is the man seated in front, with the mutton chop beard. The man you singled out is Edgar Guertin, your great-grandfather.

  2. Auntie M: Oopsie! You know, after I posted it last night, I realized that both men, third from the right, had mustaches. I tried to figure out which one you meant by reading the genealogy, but was stumped. I was going to write you today to make sure, so I am glad you commented. I'll correct it pronto.

  3. It's about time. :) BTW Chunk is still quite happy over his fruit snacks...that would have been a good "F" word. ;)

  4. Levizmom: I know, I'm a slacker. But at least Chunk will grow up knowing the fine traditions of Iowa. :) I'm glad he was happy with his fruit snacks. It made me happy to hear him saying "Happy, happy," over the phone.

  5. Cool post! I like the words you chose for the letters. :)

    Congratulations on finishing the A-Z Challenge!

    New follower.

  6. The Golden Eagle: Thanks for your kind comments, and thank you for stopping by! I checked out your blog and loved the topics you picked as well. I learned a lot. Thank you for following!

  7. All great ones here Randi! You did awesome with the challenge. I'm ready to jump in that lake!!


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