Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April A to Z Challenge: D is for...

D is for Dance!   
    If you want to make me insanely joyous and incredibly weepy at the same time, take me to a good dance performance. It doesn’t matter whether it is Riverdance, or a dynamic Paso Doble, or a group of pre-teens doing hip-hop, or a toddler in a tutu, I get teary-eyed. I get emotional. I get a feeling of rapture that begins somewhere in my ribcage and leaks out all over my face.
    I didn’t get to take dance lessons as a child, but when the opportunity presented itself when I was an adult, I jumped on it, or rather, I tapped all over its face! A friend of mine, a former dance teacher, taught dance to adults and children, for free. Em, Kay, and I were all enrolled and performed in front of real audiences!  My favorite dance memories were of doing a lyrical jazz routine to Michael Jackson’s Will You be There, clogging to George Strait’s Lay it on the Line (that was a stretch for me since I am allergic to country music,) and clogging to Dire Straits’ Walk of Life.  I loved watching my little girls dance in their adorable costumes.
    After moving to Utah, I was also able to sign up for free dance classes. I was learning Irish hard shoe dancing and ripped a ligament in my knee. I was out of dancing commission for almost two years. I then joined a Hebrew folk dance class, where I promptly ripped a ligament in the other knee. I determined that I was too old/fat/stiff to be bouncing around on a stage, so now I help local dancers get ready for their performances. And I still get all misty-eyed.
    Now on Monday and Tuesday nights, I can be found with my eyes pasted to the TV set, watching Dancing with the Stars, and when it’s available, So You Think You Can Dance. Computer Geek can now, with great accuracy, predict the scores coming from Carrie Ann, Len, and Bruno.  Don’t tell him I said so, but I think he’s a closet dancer.


  1. Hey Randi ~~ welcome to the A~Z Challenge !! Better late than never ! So leave all the angst behind and join in the frenzy ! :)


  2. Fun challenge! I stopped by from Debbiedoo's and glad I did. I'm a new follower and look forward to getting to know you. Chunk is totally adorable by the way!

    Stop by and say hi when you can ~

  3. Hi Michelle! Welcome to Foreign Quang! I checked out your site and I love it. Your description of the Quick-Fix Fanatic fits me to a "T." It's so fun to see eveyone's responses to the A to Z challenge.

    Greetings, Gypsy Heart! Thanks for becoming a new Quangster. We sure love our Debbiedoos don't we? :) I'm heading over to your site now...see you there!

  4. You gals are too sweet:) Have fun with your new challenge here, and dance away my friend!

  5. Debbie: I'm dancing, I'm dancing! Thanks for sending your friends over to see me!

  6. My dancing soul sister!!! I want to try and see some kind of dance performance with hubby this summer. However, I think he'll be too tough to convince. I guess I have to fly all the way to you to get a dance buddy for me :)

  7. septembermom: Oh yeah! I am so up for that. We can weep together. :)

  8. I started the A and Z from the end of the Linky List today, and happily found you. My eye caught the fact that you moved to Utah. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City (in the 40s and 50s; yes, I'm fairly old but young at heart with no health problems - good because I'm a full-time caregiver to a disabled daughter.

    We all need to keep dancing, metaphorically or physically.

    Happy to meet you!
    Ann Carbine Best’s Long Journey Home

  9. Ann: I'm so glad you found your way here. I visited your site and was glad to get to know more about you and your lovely daughter. You are so creative with your A-Z challenge on your blog! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your alphabet. :)

  10. Yeah, I think dad has to be, it's the Irish blood, we can't resist it.

  11. juliegoose: We will know for sure when we see him holding his arms against his sides and tapping his feet to Celtic Woman.


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