Saturday, April 9, 2011

April A to Z Challenge: H is for ...

H is for Helicopter Rides
     It's very odd that I would choose helicopter rides for my "h" word.  I hate flying. I would rather spend 2 days driving to Iowa than spend 5 hours flying there. The feeling of having nothing under my feet is unpleasant and tilting in the air doesn't do much for me either.
     Yet, if I can concentrate on the beauty below me when I am in a helicopter I can almost forget that being in the air is just not natural. The times I have spent trapped in a 'copter have been among the most memorable of my life. In a good way.
We rose above that ridge. Slowly. While the pilot kept saying things like, "C'mon little helicopter--I know you can do it," and "Boy, I sure hope we can get up there. It might not make it."  Very helpful.
But we did make it!  Whew! 


I had no idea that the building I drove by every day was that huge.

Lake Powell
More Lake Powell. The pilot (same one as in the mountains) thought it was extremely hilarious to barely skim over the top of that outcropping, then turn nearly completely sideways. Is it any wonder I hate flying?

And finally...


  1. Great photos. I like this A-Z challenge you're doing.

  2. Auntie M: It's been fun for me. I like going to other blogs too, to see what original words the bloggers come up with.

  3. That was brrrrilliant, Randi. I'd love a helicopter ride...especially over scenes like that. You are so lucky.

  4. Ken: That's because you're not a big chicken pants like me, Ken! :) The scenery definitely gave me something worthwhile to concentrate upon while trying to hang onto my lunch.

  5. Awesome shots Randi! It's funny that you posted this. Just recently, I asked my husband if he would do a helicopter ride and he said yes. I didn't think he would do it since he's not that adventurous at all. You're inspiring me to add something else to my bucket list.

  6. septembermom: You should so do it! Just make sure your pilot isn't a comedian like mine was. Death-defying tricks are not fun.


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