Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April A to Z Challenge: K is for ...

K is for Kicks describes a “kick” as a “thrill; pleasurable excitement.”  I’m happy to be alive, so each day is a series of thrills and excitement for me, or in other words, kicks.  Here are a few things that make life sweet for me.

I get my kicks by:

Being married to a man who thinks I’m beautiful even when I have no makeup on, have a bad hair day, and have spilled soup on my shirt.

Listening to my children. I am so proud that all three of them are good-hearted, thoughtful, kind people. I like hearing them talk.

Accepting hugs from small people. Or big people. Size mattereth not.

Hearing a story take form in my brain, all on its own, and then writing it down.

Listening to the sound of keys clicking on a keyboard.


Making my own spaghetti sauce.

Washing dishes by hand.

Buying new pens. My favorite so far is the Pentel R.S.V.P.

Seeing the red message indicator on Facebook, telling me that someone wants to be my friend.

Watching dance performances, especially Irish hardshoe.


Hearing a student get excited because they heard on TV the same thing we talked about in class.

Eating Cadbury eggs at Easter.

Searching online for ways to landscape my yard without spending any money.

Learning a new computer trick.

Seeing how many groceries I can buy for the littlest money possible.

Hearing good verbal wit.  George Carlin. Jack Handey. Steven Wright.

Sitting at a beach and feeling the sunlight seep into my skin, the waves swoosh against the sand, and the wind brushing the trees.

Getting snail mail. I even love junk mail. So much to do with it.

Watching videos of flash mobs.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Dipping Nacho Doritos into bean soup.

Listening to Craig Ferguson’s accent.

Drooling over the Skechers shoes website.


Watching Jeopardy and getting at least some of the answers right.

Playing Trivial Pursuit online.

Taking pictures, downloading them and setting them to music.


Inhaling in a bookstore.

Watching Oprah give stuff away.

Pretending like I’m a gardener just because I like to read about it.

Writing things on a calendar, on a to-do list, or in a planner.

Getting a calendar of Ireland every year from my sister.

Doing nice surprises for people.

Re-using something that was headed for the garbage can.

Marveling over the miracle that happened when someone invented Glue Dots.

Feeling music take over my body.

Stalking the aisles of office supply stores. Oh, if I had the money.

And finally, listening to good violin music. Nothing beats Explosive by Bond. (I'm not overly fond of the video, but the music makes it worth it.)


  1. I love office supplies too! Give me a shopping spree at Staples and I would be the happiest person in the world. are awesome.

  2. Lela: Don't you just love it when you find something new, like different shaped paper clips, or binder clips in cool metallic colors? Or notebooks in turquoise and brown...or...I'd better stop. I'm coveting.
    P.S. You're awesomer.

  3. Many moons ago, I worked in an office supply store, but it was nothing like today's supermarkets.
    Ordinary necessities,nothing fun and exciting.

  4. Auntie M: What kind of goodies did they sell?

  5. Your whole post is "kicking" with great things! We are so alike. I love many of the same things. Soup stained shirt? That's me too! Hey, do you want to be pen pals? Send a letter back and forth once in a while? I like snail mail too. Isn't it better to get a letter from a friend than all those bills? If you want, send me your address.

    Hugs - Kel

  6. septembermom; Yes! I would love to be pen pals. I will send you my address. Sounds like something fun to do for summer vacation--which starts in exactly fourteen days! :)


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