Thursday, May 20, 2010

Seven Fresh Factoids About...


That's right, I want to know seven totally cool and fabulously fresh things about you.

After all, you are the reason for this blog's existence, my reason for getting up at 4:00 a.m. to post (ha ha, hee hee, har har--like that'll ever happen!) my inspiration when I have to move or when I accidentally eat an onion.

I'll be sitting here, waiting in the comments box with my Harriet the Spy notebook, ready to learn something new about you.  Don't make me wait too long; I have boxes to unpack.


  1. Okay, here goes :)

    1) I never had an epidural.
    2) I don't drink alcohol.
    3) My uncle used to call me Annie.
    4) My honeymoon was in Disney World.
    5) I have 12 graduate credits in education.
    6) The slip from my wedding dress fell down as I was dancing at my reception.
    7) My dog's name was Hobo when I was a kid. He was a beagle mutt.
    Here's a bonus one for you my friend:
    8) I hate pantyhose!!

  2. septembermom: I love the list! I'm really sorry but I LAUGHED when I read about your slip falling down at your reception. And guess what? I've never had an epidural either, nor do I drink alcohol. And I hate pantyhose! Soul sistahs I tell ya. So how did your uncle start calling you Annie?

    Thanks for playing along! I did not know any of those things about you.

  3. Hmm, I'm thinking. How long will you wait?

  4. Ok here's a few from me:

    (1) Enjoy a Mexican coke every Sunday, my Sabbath treat :)
    (2) Used to tease his Australian shepherd cause she had sideburns
    (3) Is really enjoying the new Dr. Who (screw Russell Davies for messing it up the last few seasons, thank God for Steven Moffatt)
    (4) Was disappointed with the endings of the following tv shows: Dark Shadows, Prison Break, Twin Peaks, Enterprise
    (5) For the record does like pantyhose (not wearing it himself) & does not like wearing neckties, so tit for tat - course I also think 5'3" is tall for girls so short girls usually aren't "leggy"
    (6) Enjoys wearing too much cologne (British Sterling & English leather)

    Can't think of a seventh one off the top of my head

    God Bless,

  5. Auntie M: For you, I would wait a lifetime...

    Adam: Good list! For #1 you do mean Coca-Cola, right? :) You know, I am really surprised they have never come out with an updated Dark Shadows show. That program used to freak me out after school every day. We used to have this mini-door in the girls' bedroom that led to a creepy crawlspace and my brother used to tell me right before bed that the head of Evan Handley (spl?) was waiting for me inside that door.
    Computer Geek liked Twin Peaks.
    For the record, I am glad you don't like wearing pantyhose either. :)

  6. Randi -

    Yeah they tried to do a remake of Dark Shadows in the early 90s, & I keep hearing rumors that Tim Burton wants to do a Dark Shadows movie. The remake wasn't as good. Course all the remakes Tim Burton have done have really not been very good (Planet of the Apes anyone?)

    You guys are going to get me in more trouble with Bishop Dan & the clothing conversation ;)

    God Bless,

  7. Adam: I didn't know there had been remakes of either of those. We watched POTA with Weston a couple of weeks ago for his first time. I loved it as a kid. I think he liked it ok. Tim Burton is scawy to me. :)
    My friend's daughter just worked for him though on Alice in Wonderland. Anyone can find her art here, FYI:

  8. Seven, that is a lot, and why 7....very mystical number.
    1. I have the worst hair in the world I know this because my mother told me so. It is so straight my nick name as a kid was curly.
    2. I write, but my migraines do their best to stop me....perhaps this is their public duty.
    3. I love my kids, but my son is a huge disappointment to me.
    4. My entire family history consists of bakers and coal miners.
    5. I have stupid health problems which stop me from going back to Utah.
    6. I love Utah.
    7. I am an only child and an orphan so am very very lonely :)
    8. BONUS. When I was pregnant with my 3rd, I knocked over a dummy in a shop with my belly and peed myself laughing....and runing away.

  9. Pen: You had me laughing with your story about knocking over a dummy! That was a good bonus!

    I'm so glad you love Utah--that gives me hope that someday a miracle visit might be in store.

    What kinds of things do you like to write? I know you are doing a great service to others with your conditions on Facebook. You give them hope. I know that back when my migraines were hitting me full force (when the internet was in its infancy) I would have loved to know that there was support out there somewhere. And you do it all in the middle of all your own pain. You're amazing.

    The area of Utah we live in is known for its coal mining. In fact, my son's dad hauls coal for a living. The miners are especially brave souls because even in these days it is still very dangerous work. Maybe you've inherited their courage genes--it keeps you going helping others even when you don't feel like getting out of bed.

    Very insightful answers, Pen.

  10. Harriet the Spy? My all-time fave book as a kid. My copy is on Grace's shelf, complete with tick marks for every time I read it...I stopped counting at 6. (My other favorite was The Endless Steppe.) I think I'll go get myself a tomato sandwich while I come up with 7 Factoids.

  11. Jill: I loved Harriet too. You *gasp* have your own copy? I'm jealous. I've never read The Endless Steppe. Do tell. A tomato sandwich? favorite tomato sandwich is a piece of tomato between two other pieces of tomato.

  12. Randi -

    Tim Burton is not "scary", he did the PeeWee Herman movies, the good Batmans, Mars Attacks, Beetle Juice, when I think of scary I think of slasher films (Chainsaw Massacre, Hostel, Saw, those are too over the top for me).

    The best tomato snack is a slice of goat cheese on top of a slice of tomato, yum yum.

    Oh & my 7th thing, I am still in morning over the loss of Ronnie James Dio last week :( [even at 67 with stomach cancer he could still hit those notes]

    God Bless,

  13. Harriet would never eat goat cheese. I, however, eat it almost daily. I believe I learned the tomato/mayo/saltandpepper recipe from her.
    The Endless Steppe is a semi-autobiographical account of a young girl and her family who are exiled from Poland to Siberia in 1941. Sort of Anne Frank-y.

  14. Adam: I have never tried goat cheese and now two people in one day say they eat it. Perhaps I shall have to experiment.

    I am definitely a movie wimp. I get spooked by television commercials.

    Ronnie James Dio will be a Google item for me. Have never heard of him. That's why I love having this blog. I learn so much!

    Jill:Thanks for the run-down on The Endless Steppe. I am always looking for good literature to read to/with my students. I'll see if our library has it.

  15. Son Weston decided he wanted to play too! Here are 7 facts he wants you to know:

    1. My favorite color is pink.
    2. I own a t-shirt that says "Tough Guys Wear Pink."
    3. I like mountain biking.
    4. My favorite foods are lasagna and pizza.
    5. My favorite movie is Avatar.
    6. I think shorkies [a type of dog]are cute, fuzzy and precious.
    7. I have traveled to sixteen states.

  16. Randi -

    If you can find it chevre goat cheese with herbs is the best kind.
    Just put a little piece on a slice of tomato, its heaven.

    Tell Weston its not "pink" its "salmon". Avatar is propaganda (Tim will back me up), I guess Shorkies are Shih Tzu / Yorkie mixes? I had a Shih Tzu when I was a kid.

    Go see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" I saw that today & it was really funny.

    Last Sunday at a singles fireside a lady my age told me she thought Dr. Who was "scary", but I think the current version is very PG. Course I've also dated women who were really into horror movies & scary stuff, made me feel like a big baby :(

    For Dio any live performances he had done of "Rainbow in the Dark", "Heaven & Hell" really show off his vocal range.

    God Bless,

  17. I love that Weston loves pink. His cousin Grace does too.

    Last night at a neighborhood ladies get-together, I had little slices of baguette spread with goat cheese and topped with balsamic-soaked olives. Heaven!

    And tonight I had chevre on my pizza. Ahhhhhh.

  18. Adam: Ha! I well tell Weston to start calling it "salmon." That's funny. Yes, shorkies are the mix you described. His best friend just got one and it is the most adorable little fluff ball.

    "Diary" hasn't come to town yet,but we do want to go see it. We saw Iron Man 2 tonight. I've always liked watching Robert Downey, Jr.

    Oh, and you are totally correct regarding my husband's view of Avatar. :)

    Jill: Between you and Adam you have me convinced to try the goat cheese! Your snack last night sounds yummy! So is there a difference then between chevre and regular goat cheese? And do you have to buy it at gourmet shops or do most regular grocery stores have it?

  19. I didn't want to miss out on the fun so here goes...
    1. I don't really like peanut butter (don't tell dad, after all these years of eating it!)
    2. As a child I hated my name so I tried to convince my mom to call me Jennifer, which didn't last past the request.
    3. I never finished reading The Celestine Prophecy! It's been four years, and I keep planning on finishing it but never do.
    4. I really want to have another baby - preferably a girl so I can name her Nimue
    5. My favorite color changes about every four years
    6. My handwriting has finally stayed the same after twenty years of trying to figure out what it is.
    7. And last - I love pantyhose! and I love shaving my legs! Crazy world :P

  20. juliegoose: Wow, I did not know any of those things about you, except for #4! See what fun this is? Your peanut butter secret is safe with me. I do like peanut butter, just not on pancakes or garlic bread.

    If it makes you happy I will call you Jennifer. :)

    Does your favorite color changing every four years have anything to do with the presidential elections? Or the Olympics? What is your favorite color now?

    And you love panythose! I will suggest that is only because you have never tried on a pair and had it be too short. Mwah ha ha...

  21. Naomi -

    Try almond butter, its better for your digestion anyway. Peanuts don't get fully digested.

    I don't have any kids, but have this thing for Greek names with girls:

    Daphne, Zoe, Abigail, Romana (ok not technically Greek but sounds). Couple other ones I can't think of but just like the way Greco Roman names sound.

    As long as I can get a blue merle Aussie pup to name "Clark" (I promised Smokey I would if I ever got a male dog again, since she never had pups & loved Clark Howard that I would name an Aussie puppy Clark for her, I think that's what she would want).

    I am probably the least hairy man you will ever meet, I have all my head hair but between my Dad & brother did not get the hairy leg or arm gene.

    God Bless,

  22. Before I was rudely interrupted by a hospital stay, I started this list.

    1. My older brothers called me Beets because, they said, when I was a baby in a highchair, I ate a whole jar of beets. I don't like beets today.

    2. In my lifetime, I've had one puff on a cigarette; that's it.

    3. I've never colored my hair.

    4. It boggles my mind that anyone likes tea, hot or cold.

    5. In a bookstore in Virginia, I rounded a corner and collided with a short, dumpy man. We each said "Excuse me," and moved on. I glanced into the next aisle and saw it was Norman Mailer.

    6. Gardens are delightful but I've never had an urge to sow or work in one. I don't recall ever putting flowers or plants into the ground. A few house plants, yes.

    7. At age 75 (this year) I'm grateful for the life I've had.

  23. Auntie M: I have to do more posts like these. I love hearing new things about people.

    1. I never knew why they called you Beets. You should write an article for Ned about your family's nicknames.I'd love to know where they all came from.
    2. I can't imagine you with a cigarette in your mouth. You must have been very young.
    3. My mom almost died once from coloring her hair. Remember that?
    I've been afraid to color mine ever since.
    4.I'm the same way with coffee! Can't understand why people like the taste of liquid dirt. Love tea though!
    5.Your brush with greatness! {Who used to do that TV spot? Was it Carson?) I feel another blog post coming on!
    6. Hmmm..I fail at every garden I attempt. Dirt, sunshine, water--how could you mess it up? Because it's a very tricky science, that's how.
    7. My mom always said that you deserved a wonderful life.

  24. Hi Randi
    1. I've never bought a lottery ticket.
    2.I won an archery bronze medal at Crystal Palace.
    3.I sang for Arthur Scargil and Diana Dors.
    4.I went to sea on a rusty old car roof and had to be rescued two miles out and in the dark.
    5. I went to the same one-roomed folk club as Dave Stewart (Eurythmics).
    6. I jumped a long queue at an airport by throwing a blanket over my windsurfing equipment, scribbling RIP on a piece of paper and pretended it was my dead granddad as I pushed it to the funny!
    7. I was once a Mormon Bishop...not so funny.

    Strangely enough I too have managed to avoid an epidural, alcohol and pantyhose over the last 38 years even though I've been very close to all of them.

  25. Hi Ken! So nice to see you back! (Although I am sure you miss France already!)

    You're an archer! I have always wanted to learn archery. Legolas--my hero.

    I had to Wiki Arthur and Diana. Diana is prettier. Was that during your band days?

    How far were you planning to go on that car roof? :)

    I laughed at the thought of your pushing that windsurfing equipment through the line. I'll bet Bev is glad you're tamer now. Or are you? heh heh heh

    You must be tamer--you were once a Mormon bishop. I happen to know that is hard work and very time consuming. But I can totally picture you as a bishop.

    Thanks for playing!


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