Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Great Toothpaste House Move of 2010 is Over!

It is finished. We are in the new house. All cleaning, repairs, and moving have been done at the old house. There are no moving boxes in my living room or kitchen. And guess what? I still have my sanity.

I can attribute still having my mind to a few factors:
1. We had two weeks to get it all done.
2. Lots of nice people helped us move and fed us when we couldn't find our dishes.
3. School was out when we moved, so I didn't have to work the next day.

I was so sane that I even had seven ninth graders over last night to watch The Princess Bride. We finished reading the book version (one of the best books ever written, I tell ya) on the last day of school, so all of them were excited to come over to watch the movie. So excited that most of them watched it ahead of time. No matter. There is no limit to how many times you can watch The Princess Bride.

I've been spending the past couple of days going through non-essential boxed-up items, something I would be doing even if I hadn't moved. I guess it is safe to say that all is back to normal, life is good, and I said the least amount of cuss words I have ever said during a move.

Easily the best room in the house is the bathroom. I feel like I'm in some sort of glam hotel when I am in there. Woe be unto the visitor who splashes on my mirror or the man who misses.

I love this tile work!

Makes me hungry for chocolate and caramel

 Is this tissue holder fantastic?  Makes changing the tissue so easy even a man child can do it!

Our most intriguing neighbor so far has been this proud fella. Is he gorgeous or what?  He is easy on the eyes, but not so easy on the ears. Have you seriously ever heard a peacock scream? It is the most unnerving caw that I have ever heard. You think rock concerts can damage your ears? Try listening to this guy say his piece from a block away.

Yesterday, I was doing my dishes when I heard knocking. I thought it was someone at the door at first, but then realized it sounded more like someone knocking on our wall from the outside. That's not unusual, since I recently had the phone man outside drilling through my wall. I assumed maybe he was back. Since I was still in P.J.'s, Weston played investigator to see who was out there knocking. 

It was Woody!

At first I was all charmed and everything thinking Oh how cute! We have a woodpecker. That quickly changed to What the heck is he doing to our wall?


Thanks to all of you who wished me well during this move. It ended up being the most pain-free move I have ever experienced. But then, I'm not a man, so the disappearance of the TV remote for a full week didn't bother me in the least.

*photo credit: All peacock and woodpecker photos were taken by Weston.


  1. Love the bathroom tile and colors. Yes, I've heard a peacock screech. Ouch. And I love woodpeckers but not when they peck at the house. Happened to us in VA.

  2. Auntie M: You can come hang out in my bathroom any time. I'll even provide the chocolate and caramels. So you know what I mean about peacocks! It must be their defense mechanism, otherwise all kinds of people would be ripping out tail feathers. I'm too afraid of my eardrums breaking to get too close.

  3. It looks absolutely brilliant!
    I loved reading this...even the man bits.
    You'll be very happy in that house.

  4. Ken: Thank you, Ken! I'm glad you enjoyed even the man bits! My hubby and son were quite distraught over the missing remote. I cared not a whit. And if the truth be known? My hubby was actually quite good about changing the tissue, even when it involved the spring-loaded kind. Good luck on your move too, Ken. I'm hoping it won't keep you from posting on your site.

  5. It's really not that toothpastey!
    Love the bathroom. I've heard a peacock....and I've heard our neighborhood woodpeckers peck on the neighbor's metal chimney cap. Zoing!
    p.s. Princess Bride might be my all-time fave movie...and the book is good too. Have fun storming the castle!

  6. Jill: Thank you for giving me some comfort about the color of the house. We've discussed painting it but it has become known throughout the city as The Toothpaste House. There are some toothpastes that are white though right? :)

    I cracked up at the thought of the woodpecker on your neighbor's chimney cap! I pictured little stars circling his head.

    I'm glad to know you're a Princess Bride fan. I loved the movie and then read the book. I was amazed at Goldman's mastery. I knew it had to be on the must-read list for my students.

  7. How lovely! I'm so happy that you're settling in well. All great pictures. Glad it was a pain free move.

    Say hi to Woody for me and my kids :)

  8. septembermom: I'm so glad it was a pain-free move too--Whew. All the trauma is now happening after the fact (More on that later--blogpost! Hee hee!)

    If Woody ever shows his dastardly beak around my walls again I will certainly give him regards from your clan. :)

  9. Good job Weston on the picture taking!

    I'm so glad you guys had a smooth move, and I too love your bathroom! It's almost too nice as a bathroom, too bad you can't tile your living room to :P

    It makes me want to start searching my house for chocolate...

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. juliegoose: We have chocolate at our house! Never fear--you shall have some at the LOST finale.

  12. You are good at making things cute :) Love all your ideas. That's cool to have a Princess Bride movie party. That's fun.

    You know you always make me say to myself, "Kelly, get organized like Randi!"

  13. septembermom: Oh that's so funny because I say the same about you! I always think, "If you were more organized, you'd be able to post more often, like Kelly."


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