Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hello Boys! It's Your Turn!

You may remember a while back when Madonna Dries Christensen, author of Swinging Sisters and Masquerade:The Swindler Who Conned J. Edgar Hoover, asked readers of Foreign Quang [girl readers, that is] to submit stories of their favorite doll memories from childhood.  The result was a charming compilation called Dolls Remembered.  Several stories from Foreign Quang readers were included in this book, namely frequent comment contributors  Jill, Janice, and the 6-year old daughter of Juliegoose. [Lest you think they only picked readers whose names started with "J" I will tell you that my story was also chosen and my name starts with "R."]

Well, men---get out your clogged-up ballpoint pen or dust off that keyboard because now it's your turn!  Madonna is looking for stories from men about their favorite childhood toys. If your favorite childhood toy was a doll, you're too late.

Here are the guidelines:

A proposed new book: Toys From The Attic  
An anthology of stories by men about their favorite childhood toys--
Compiled by Madonna Dries Christensen


In up to 1500 words tell a story about your favorite childhood toy/game/plaything that is memorable for some reason. Maybe it’s a toy someone else had that you coveted. Did you request a particular toy but never receive it, or did you receive it and it didn’t live up to your expectations? 

Be creative; include details, use dialogue if possible. You probably don’t recall exactly what you or someone else said, but in a memoir it’s okay to take literary license and recreate dialogue. I will be happy to work with you on your idea. I will do line editing as needed and I might suggest additions to enhance the story or to clarify something. You may request a final copy for approval.

Try to include the following information:
The time period
Your approx age
Where you lived at this time
Was this toy a gift for a special occasion?
Who gave it to you?
Was it something you or someone else made for you?
Did you find it?
Did you save money to buy it?
Do you still have this plaything?
Did this toy lead to a career or a hobby you still enjoy?

Conclude with a current bio, in third person.

Tentative deadline: October 31st

As with my other books, I plan to self-publish and donate royalties to charity. Therefore, I cannot monetarily compensate contributors. I ask for “One Time Rights” only. You retain copyright and all rights to the story. You may publish it elsewhere without my permission. At a later date, I might ask for photos.

Send in the body of an email or by attachment to
Madonna Dries Christensen, Sarasota, Florida (

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