Saturday, May 8, 2010

Almost there...

The Great Dreaded Moving Day of 2010 [please let there be only one!] is upon me, and tonight I will be sleeping in the infamous Toothpaste House.  I took a picture of it this morning but do not have time to download it. The exterior is a lovely shade of Gleem, with teal trim.

As soon as I finish posting this, I will be an unplugged woman for about a week. Men (one man and two boys) are standing by, waiting to yank the cables out of the back of my computer. I feel like Captain Von Trapp when the bad guys were waiting for him to finish singing Edelweiss.

The local phone company says I should only be offline for about a week. I'm not holding my breath. The last move it took them two weeks to transfer internet service from one house to the next.  I will miss you all.

Until then..may you have a wonderful May with absolutely no snow.


  1. I feel the excitement. Hope all went well. By the time you read this you should have everything ship-shape (did I really say that?)

    There's something really nice about a new and unfamiliar place. It's almost like being on holiday and getting to stay for as long as you like...or as long as you like it. From what I've heard, I think you'll fall in love with it.

  2. I'm excited for you. I'm sure this will turn out to be a positive adventure for all of you. Randi, you have an amazing outlook on life. You'll bring sunshine wherever you go.

    Happy Mother's Day!!!!


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