Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring's Really Here!

And it's not just the socks that are blooming in the trees, either!

My son came in the house today to tell me about these blossoms in the yard. We assume they are from some sort of fruit tree, but we don't know what kind. Anyone have any ideas?

The Christmas(?) cactus in our classroom also decided to bloom. Isn't it true that these are only supposed to bloom around Christmas?

Help out a professional black thumb!

I love viewing the colors of spring.
I just don't know how to get them to stay that way...


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm afraid I can't help out with the horticultural stuff; I only know the names of the plants in my garden!

    You know how you and I often bump into each other in comments boxes? I just popped over to say if you ever want to chat about 'school stuff', please feel you can always drop me an email.

  2. My uncle Chris is a horticultural pro, so I'm hoping some good advice will be headed my way!

    Yes, I would love to chat about school stuff sometime! I understand you have lots of experience in that area, and I have an amazing lack of experience, which I try to make up for with my love of education. I'll be bugging you soon!

  3. Randi:

    Chris can't tell from the photo what kind of tree it is; maybe some variety of apple. Christmas cactuses do bloom at other times of the year. Ours blooms just before Christmas and it's spectacular.

  4. An apple tree in my yard would make me happy! I have 2 Christmas cactuses in my classroom. The first one I got 2 years ago at Christmas and it sported lovely red flowers. It didn't bloom again until last Christmas. I got the other one recently, and it surprised us by blooming this lovely vivid pink right before Easter.


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