Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Baby Doll...A Call for Authors

Madonna Dries Christensen, author of Swinging Sisters and Masquerade: The Swindler Who Conned J. Edgar Hoover
is requesting stories about cherished childhood dolls. A book of submitted stories will be published this summer.

If you have a story about your favorite baby doll, Barbie, Raggedy Ann, or any other, please send an email to The submission should be less than 1500 words, and should contain details about the doll and why it was special to you. If you have a picture, send one, but not all pictures will be used. With each submission, please include a brief author bio. The deadline is May 31, 2009 so hurry!


  1. Thanks, Randi

    Is that one of your daughters with her Cabbage Patch doll?

  2. Yes, that's Kylie with her Theodore.


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