Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whose Scowl is Scarier? ("24" Fans Only)

Assume you know nothing about Chloe O'Brian or Tony Almeida (and don't know that Tony could more likely elicit an ambulance ride than Chloe.)

Whose perpetual frown would send you running for cover first, Chloe's or Tony's?

Photo Credits: Chloe: www.beyondhollywood.com


  1. Randi-- I don't watch it but your unc says Chloe.
    She is unforgiving and will do anything to protect Jack.

  2. I'll add my own vote here. Chloe.

    She gives that "I'm going to claw your stinking eyes right out of your smirking face" look.

    They both are champions of looking threateningly askance. I'm definitely more afraid of female scowl than male.

  3. Chloe. She has permanent PMT. Tony often just looks constipated!

    We have all of the 24 series(except the current one - we don't have satellite) on DVD so maybe I should just threaten to send my kids in a car to CTU headquarters if they call me Monica (Friends) when I'm commenting on the mess in their rooms.

  4. Ha ha! That is so true about Tony, Janice! Have you been watching this season of 24 at all? I started watching in 2006-2007 at the pleading of my son-in-law. I've been addicted ever since.

    That's funny they call you Monica.


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