Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Results are In!

It could have been the move back to fourth grade. It could be the daily doses of fish oil and Attentive Child. It could be that he listens better for someone whose name is not Mom. It might be the advice we followed from Eric Hamm and Daisy on how to handle ADHD. It’s probably a combination of all those.

Whatever the reason, we are ecstatic that Jeremiah brought home a 3.1 grade point average on his report card! (The previous average was a 1.0, as in the letter D.) He missed honor roll by four tenths of a point.

He still hates school.

He describes his dream day: “For math we would go around and have different business men let us help with their businesses and in building things. For science we would go outside and learn about the trees and stuff. For history we could go to all the different museums. We wouldn’t even have language because I already know how to talk. And for spelling, we would all jump around on the trampoline and spell our words.”

At least now, with his recent success, he is no longer internalizing his misery. He is not consumed with feeling “stupid.” It’s been nine weeks since I’ve heard him say, “Why do you love me so much when I am so dumb?”

Now he believes me when I tell him he is smart. And he knows honor roll, for the first time, is within his reach.


  1. Hey Randi, this is great! From the little I just read about your son, he sound A LOT like me. He just learns best actually DOING, not just sitting and reading about it or being told about it. It sounds like you've got a smart kid on your hands. Congrats on helping him realize that and tap into his potential, not just play the 'I'm just not smart' card. That's the card my wife played and I played the 'I'm just lazy' card. In the end, it wasn't that I was lazy, it was just that I was bored out of my mind!

    Thanks for sharing. Eric

  2. And I thank YOU Eric, for your insight into this condition. It has helped us so much. I am also hoping it will help me be a better teacher as I look for clues of "itching."

    P.S. I'm glad you discovered that you weren't "lazy" because I am quite sure the average person would have a hard time keeping up with you on any given day!

  3. Randi-- this is wonderful news. He's obviously a smart boy (he's figured out there's a more fun way to learn; by doing). He's awfully cute, too.

  4. Auntie M.,
    Yes, we were quite excited when he showed us his report card. I'm always on the lookout for ways to teach by doing. The problem I run into is parents who want evidence that the child is plowing through "The Book." (They treat it like a god.) For example, I get comments like this from parents,"Why are the 5th graders only on page 220 in their math books when the 4th graders are on page 240? Why is my child behind?" It's always a struggle between doing hands on and The Book.

  5. I'm going to have to read more of your posts. Your son sounds a lot like mine. Great writing style. I'll be back. Hutch

  6. Hutch: How old is your son? Does he struggle in school as well? Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Aww, what a sweetheart. I'm sure he feels sooooo much better about himself. And my first thought too was "he's obviously an hands-on, active learner".

  8. Jill--He's very much a hands-on learner. I was always a by-the-book learner so school and I got along well. I have to remember--constantly!-- that he doesn't learn like I do.

  9. Congratulations Jeremiah! I agree 100% with the way you said we should learn. That is exactly how I like to learn. It's the only way I can remember stuff.

  10. Thanks for dropping by, Kim! I sure love checking out what hilarious things you have to say every day over at Chamomile Tea.


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