Thursday, March 26, 2009

Me me me! No wait....Meme

I’ve been memed! (Why does it sound suspiciously like “I’ve been slimed?”)

For those who may not know, a meme is a form of online tag played by really silly adults who would happily play real outdoor tag if only the backs of our thighs weren’t stuck to the cheap plastic of our computer chairs. (Eeewww…I just gave myself a mental picture of that lady who stayed stuck to her boyfriend’s toilet for two years. Creepy.)

There are complicated rules involved in a meme.

1. Link to the original tagger and list these rules in your post.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself in your post.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

I am publicly blaming Sean Platt of Blogopolis Blueprint who snuck up behind me and got me when I wasn’t paying attention. But wait. Is this the same Sean Platt from Writer Dad? Aye! I check both of these sites daily—Blogopolis when I want to learn the ins and outs of the blogging world, and Writer Dad when I want to be spoon-fed beauty.

The fun part about a meme, is that you get introduced to the blogs or websites of people you might not otherwise come across. It’s like saying, “These are the people I love and I hope you love them too.”

Hang on while you learn 7 mind-spinning facts about me…

1. I hate onions. If I spread butter on my toast, and can detect that a knife that previously touched an onion, also touched that butter, I will throw out my toast.

2. Major comfort food: Lipton’s Chicken Noodle Soup. The kind in the box.

3. I used to be deathly shy--the kind of shy exemplified by Violet in The Incredibles who wears her hair hanging over one eye. That was me, except I covered both eyes. One day, in my early twenties I decided I was no longer shy. And then I wasn’t. (Stay tuned—it’s a future blog post.)

4. I have no idea how to even say “meme.” Is it “me me” as in severe narcissism? Is it “meem?” Is it “may may” or “meh may?” Help me, someone.

5. I’m afraid of animals. I live a scant mile from a National Forest, but rarely go up into the mountains. What if there’s a bear? Or a mountain lion? Or a tick? I also love going on walks, but am afraid of roving dogs. When I first moved into town, I ran home in the dark after attempting a walk, because a wild animal nuzzled me over a fence and grunted.

I went back to the scene the next day. It was a sheep.

6. I can’t believe Sayid shot little Ben. Did anyone see that coming? (Lost spoiler.)

7. Humidity is the only thing I don’t miss about Iowa. Everything else, I miss----being able to see the sunset (can’t see it when you live between two mountains,) the smell of summer rain, the lipstick-pink peonies, the amazing work ethic, the focus on quality education, the electrifying way your arm hairs stick up right before a tornado hits, driving in white-out blizzard conditions in below zero weather. Hmmm. Strike the last one.

I have carefully selected my tag victims.

1. Stephanie at We May Not Have it All Together, But Together We Have it All. Stephanie writes a private blog for family and friends, but has not recently posted. I’m tagging her so she will resume her blog for those of us who miss hearing what she has to say.

2. Kim from Chamomile Tea. I visit her daily because she is hilarious and because she gives away cool prizes!

3. Madonna Dries Christensen from On Worlud Pond. She is the author of Swinging Sisters and Masquerade: the Swindler Who Conned J. Edgar Hoover. Her writing is funny, poignant and informative. She’s got incredible talent, plus duh—we’re related!

4. Daisy at Answer Starts with You. Another daily fave. She’s both funny and insightful—one of my favorite combinations!

5. Cindy, aka Writer Dad’s Daisy. I picked her because I had to get even with Sean for sliming, I mean memeing, me to begin with. No seriously, I picked her because she is one of those online people that you “meet” and wish she lived next door. She’s an amazing educator, mom, and writer and I want to learn seven new things about her!

6. Shirley Bahlmann. I have read many of Shirley’s books. She makes history come alive when she writes and is one of those people who lives life courageously. I once came in second in a writing contest and was extremely honored to take second place, because Shirley got first. I look up to her. She is six feet tall.

7. Robert Brault. His quote graces the top of my blog. He has the ability to take life and condense it into one sentence. I call him a modern day Confucius.

To those I have tagged: Please do not feel any obligation to participate. This is meant for fun only, and not meant to be an added stress. At the very least, it’s my chance to say “I appreciate you.”


  1. Me? Me? Meme? I'm flattered that you tagged me, but I'm not gonna play because you said I don't have to and because I really don't have a blog. I have a Web site. What's the difference? A blog is like a diary except it doesn't have one of those little keys that you hide from your siblings. No key; you allow everyone in cyberspace to read your diary (blog). Anyone can read my site, too, but I don't post daily, weekly, or even monthly. Now and then I add a story or photo, but otherwise the content doesn't change much. Don't get me wrong; I like blogs, especially yours. I check every day to see what's new. I love Jeremiah's question of the day. Deep thoughts.
    Anyway, drop by Worlud Pond any time; you might find something new and you might not.
    Just me (and me)

  2. I love dropping by The Pond. I especially enjoy new pics of the little grandkiddies.

    I'm glad you didn't feel obligated to play. Like I mentioned, it's just a good chance for me to show that you're loved and appreciated.

    Thanks for your comments about Jere's question of the day. He always keeps me laughing with the questions he asks, but then I'm his mom.

    P.S. Your sign-off was funny! "Just me (and me)"

  3. I'm not sure it is the same with this blog thing, but in a way it makes sense that it does:

    A meme (pronounced /miːm/ - like theme), a postulated unit or element of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, gets transmitted from one mind to another through speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena.

  4. Minka: Thank you! Now I know! It's meme, like theme. It annoys me when I don't know how something is pronounced. I was hoping someone would know. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Sigh. I lost my comment. What I said was...

    Grrr. I haven't seen the this week's LOST yet, I was saving it for the weekend. Oh well. : > )

    Lipton box soup is wonderful. It always makes me think of my grandma.

    No onions?!?! Criminal. Onions and garlic make the world go round. Don't worry, I won't tell Cindy, though she may see it herself.

    I want to read that future blog post about shyness. Make sure to let me know when it's up. My reader bulges and often doesn't get my full attention.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Thank you, Randi. You're sweet. It may take me awhile to come up with 7 interesting things about myself. You have GOT to post about overcoming shyness. I have been shy my whole life and it seems to be getting worse with age.
    I'm with Writer Dad, garlic and onions do make the world go round.

  7. Randi,

    Hey, even my wife doesn't know seven things about me. Besides, I have to be either famous or anonymous to publish wise thoughts, so I'd better not give up my anonymity. BTW, I've added my silhouette to your followers list.


  8. Writer Dad: Oh, you haven't seen Lost yet? Did I say that Sayid killed little Ben? No, no, I MEANT that Sayid killed that loser guy that was in season three who later had something to do with Nadia's death when she was in the future before the second flight took off that had that one chick that Sayid thought was someone else. Yeah. Nothing to do with little Ben. I misspoke. Whew.

    Kim: I see tons of interesting things about you in your daily posts. Seven will be a piece o'cake. Besides I'm really anxious to see your seven. :) Maybe I'll work on that shyness piece this weekend.

    P.S. to Writer Dad and Kim: Garlic and onions are the devil.

    Robert: I've looked you up and you are EVERYWHERE on the internet so methinks you are already famous! And I love your silhouette! Your gray hair looks nice with that blue background, but you kinda have a blank look on your face... Thanks for following me! I follow you too.

  9. I was a painfully shy child/teen. Not so much as an adult, but I still don't like the focus being on me. Actors often claim they overcome shyness by hiding behind a role. Maybe writers are basically shy, too, and they write to have their voice heard.

  10. Auntie M: Interesting thought. Maybe that's why I learned to love writing as a child. I could express myself by hiding behind my characters. I could say what I felt without risk because it wasn't really me saying it--it was my protagonist.

  11. Randi - thanks for tagging me! I'm funny? Seriously? Wow? Who'd have thunk?

    I'm going to pass on doing the meme.. maybe another day/week.. who knows. As I'm sure you're wondering, I've slowed again, as I've found myself twirling in offline stuff and I have not been able to sit at a computer as much as I like.

    I can not WAIT for the shy post (me too.. you should read my report cards from public school - they all have that three letter word) and thank goodness.. I now know how to pronounce meme (like theme)! Yeah.

    And one more thing.. Writer Dad's Daisy is actually Cindy?!! Well, the things you learn!


  12. Daisy: Yes, you're funny! I love your site--loved the oatmeal crossing the road, the car graveyard, the oh-shee. And yup, WD's Daisy is Cindy. ( I hope I'm not blowing any cover here. I think it's ok because WD calls her Cindy online sometimes--even in the comments here.)
    P.S. Everything going ok?

  13. LOL! I didn't ruin the episode at all. I would've seen it coming a mile away anyway.

    "You are a born Killer, Sayid."
    "The next time we see one another, it will be quite unpleasant for the both of us."

  14. Writer Dad: Dang, I can't believe I missed that clue! That was a pretty big one too. My daughter said she predicted two weeks ago that Sayid would kill Ben. I was still totally floored. Maybe because the child Ben pulls at my heart strings--poor motherless son of a jerk.

  15. Randi,
    Wow, your comments are so kind about our family. A meme is a compliment. I am in the eye of a storm as the hurricane of life is trying to challenge me in completing deadlines and must dos for my family and work. I will respond happily, just need a second to come up for air. You sure do know how to say the right things at the right time to boost a girl's esteem. I wish we did live next door to one another. I guess the virtual world will have to suffice until we meet. What a pleasure that will be.
    Cindy aka Daisy

    (yes the private side of me is ready to be public about my name, it is my children that I am fiercely protective of. WriterDad has helped me take my steps.)

  16. Cindy: It's easy to be nice about your family when your family is so nice to begin with! I don't blame you about being protective of those children. I don't use my last name on my blog or even what city I live in for those very reasons. Good luck with your deadlines and obligations. I'm sure you'll successfully accomplish everything you need to.


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