Monday, March 16, 2009

His Dentist Would be Proud

After school today, Jeremiah showed me a package of Orbit gum that he had gotten from his teacher. The conversation that ensued led me to one very shocking conclusion.

Jeremiah: She gave us treats for doing all of our homework last quarter. We didn’t all get the same thing though. Jordan got some of that gummy candy.

Me: Gummy worms?

Jere: No.

Me: Gummy bears?

Jere: No.

Me: Gummy sharks?

Jere: No.

Me: Gummy Lifesavers?

Jere: No. It’s that gummy candy that’s like an egg.

Me: Well, you have me stumped.

A few thoughtful seconds pass.

Jere: Jelly beans, that’s what they’re called!

Ah, jelly beans. That extravagant candy that is so rare that no one can remember what it’s called.

It didn’t end there.

Jere: I didn’t get just gum either. I got some of that Hershey candy; what’s it called?

Me: Hershey Kisses?

Jere: No. It’s like Hershey Kisses, but it’s not. It’s like a pie.

Me: Like a pie? Was it a chocolate pie?

Jere: No, it just looks like a pie.

Me: [Thinking, thinking, thinking…stumped again.]

Jere: It’s a pie wrapped in brown paper with the metal wrapping over the top of it.

Me: [What candy looks like a pie? Sheesh, this is tough. Thinking….thinking…thinking. Suddenly…]

Me: I’ve got it! You mean those mini-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?

Jere: Yeah! I got two of those.

My conclusion?

I don’t give my son enough candy.


  1. Randi,

    Noticed my quote at the top of your page. Thanks.


  2. Good for you!

    Mine just loves the gummy Transformers, or gummy SpongeBob candy.. sigh, it drives me bonkers, but unfortunately, they are a treat I allow him every so often...


  3. Robert---Wow! I'm honored you stopped by! I found that quote on a site and thought it would fit my page perfectly. Your quote sums up life in one little sentence. I'm anxious now to check out your site to see what other profound things might be there.

    Daisy---We just live in a gummy world, eh. Gummy Hannah Montana, Gummy Jonas Brothers...what will they think of next?

  4. Randi,

    I think this is sweet that Jerimiah's world does not revolve around junk and that this was genuinely a treat for him and not an expectation. The innocence and his descriptions made me smile. Our Mia went to a Hannah Montana party last weekend. We had to dress like rock stars. Haley wanted to wear a pretty dress. I love that. He would rather climb trees than wear nail polish and her biggest concern was when they were having a Hannah Montana trivia quiz she did not know any of the answers. She's not interested in Hannah and we are glad. She was glad she went to the party, but at the end she said she did not understand what all the fuss is about. Hannah Montana doesn't seem as exciting as American Girls. I hugged her tightly as she said, "Mom I think I connect more with the American Girls." This week when she was featured on WriterDad, she received several personal e-mails from girl that like the same things as she does, especially American Girls. I felt good they we went out of our comfort zone at the birthday party and that she came up with her own conclusions about the event. I realize we guide her and filter what she is exposed to, but ultimately she is empowered to make choices and understand why she chooses. I am really proud of your family and son for working together as a team with school and his grades. I agree with his ideas on how to learn different content areas. Spelling on a trampoline. My kind of learner. We need to listen to our children and their diversity of learning styles. He is fortunate to have a Mom that is so intuitive and relentless in the pursuit of ensuring the best educational experiences.

    Cindy aka Daisy

  5. Bravo for Mia for not knowing any Hannah Montana questions! I just love her "Mom I think I connect more with the American Girls" statement. Good for her for standing up for herself and her likes. The girls in my class love the America Girls series. We filter what Jeremiah is exposed to as well. We realized that if we don't raise our son, the mainstream media will! What a choice. So, we don't really watch TV either. No cable or satellite. We did break down and buy an antenna so we can watch "Lost." :) But as we filter his exposure we explain our reasoning. He has become adept at making good choices on his own. Thanks for your nice comments on Jeremiah's education. With your background it really means a lot to me. I was a classic book learner so school always came easily to me. It has been a real challenge to try to adapt to other learning styles, both with my son and in my classroom.


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