Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kids. Entertained so cheaply...Part II

Not knowing that I had just posted a picture about my grandson playing with his birthday box, Foreign Quang reader Jill coincidentally posted this picture of her daughter. "Little G" ( Daddy is Big G) turned nine yesterday and found a box just as intriguing as her gifts.

Jill writes: "All those gifts, and this is what the kids played with all day long."

Do you think children would rebel if we gave them only boxes on their birthdays? And isn't her #9 shirt fabulous? I'm sure her mother made it because she is all kinds of crafty like that. Happy Birthday, Little G!

photo used with permission


  1. I'm sure they'd be mighty surprised if they were given empty boxes.

  2. Auntie M: Empty boxes would almost certainly lose their appeal if they were the actual gift. :)

  3. Imagination can do wonders with an empty box. Thanks for an idea to keep Jillian intrigued this afternoon :) Hope all is well my friend. Loving Lost!

  4. septembermom: Speaking of keeping Jillian entertained, I saw on Pinterest where someone took old boxes and painted them pink so their daughter could make her own castle. Way cute.

    I'm glad you're loving LOST!


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