Saturday, January 21, 2012

In Which My Daughter Explains a Fashion Mystery

I'll admit it. I am not a fashion maven. My style of dress can best be described as "mom." That's not to say that if I had the right figure, income, and time on my hands I wouldn't be a fashionista. I totally would. However, there are elements of style that befuddle my middle-aged mind, notably this trend:

Source: via Jordan on Pinterest

Get the picture? It's women standing pigeon-toed for photos!

This trend has perplexed me for a while. It seems I can hardly look at a fashion spread without seeing some evidence of this, and to be honest, I find it annoying, probably because I get annoyed when I fail to find logic in something. Is it supposed to somehow be more attractive? 

I guess I somehow failed to keep up with the times, because when I mentioned this irritation to my daughter, Em, she knew exactly why models stand like this.

"Mom, it's because when you stand pigeon-toed your thighs don't touch."

I tried it. It works!  And did you go back and look at the above photos? No thigh-touching to be seen!

So now when you see pictures of me and you you say, "Randi must have lost weight. Her thighs don't touch anymore," you will know my secret, fresh from the modeling world. Em, I owe you one.


  1. Yes, but she failed to mention how weird it looks. I keep thinking they are hiring models who have some sort of balance inabilities lol :P

  2. Juliegoose: It does look weird. And really, how much skinnier does a 106 pound person need to look?

  3. See that doesn't bug me as much as the slouching...the extreme, hunched over slouching. They look sick. Plus I'm slightly pigeon toed so.......

  4. Lela: Yeah, I've noticed that slouch thing a little too--I've seen it most pronounced in Mary Kate and Ashley. You're slightly pigeon toed? You real life your thighs touch and I've been jealous for nothing? Thank you, thank you. :)

  5. I've noticed both trends mentioned. I thought the models were trying to look cute, coy, sort of little girl innocent.

    1. Agree - and it makes them look dumb and ridiculous!

  6. Lol....yes Randi, though I haven't tried it I believe that in real life my thighs do touch.

  7. I thought that last pic was of Lela. Ooops, did I say that!?!

  8. Winston: The last picture? Are you kidding? Lela is not that fat!


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