Thursday, January 26, 2012

Confession Time

I'm in love.

With another man.

Who's not my husband.

And my husband doesn't care. Because when I asked him if he cared that I was in love with another man, he said, "I'm in love with him too."

But I think it's okay because he's a fictional character.

This one:

Source: via Randi on Pinterest

For the uninitiated, this is Sherlock Holmes--master of intrigue, grand poo-bah of crime scene investigation, oddball extraordinaire.

I've always loved Sherlock, because I am fascinated with mystery, especially when it's coupled with masterful deductive reasoning. The BBC version is everything you would expect from Sir Arthur's character, but with a modern twist. This Sherlock solves crimes using laptops, cell phones and the London taxi cab system. And get this: WITHOUT GRAPHIC GORE.

Okay, so there's a little blood here and there, but none of the hurl-your-dinner genre made famous by shows like CSI. No, this version focuses on the mentality of the crime suspect as well as the intellect of the crime solver, rather than on the severed body parts of the crime victim.

Last week, we had an evening long Sherlock fest, trying to catch up with past episodes. It was easy, because there aren't that many, only three so far (unless you live in England where they already got to view season 2. We lowly Americans have to wait until May. Torture, I tell ya.) The nice thing about those three episodes is that they are 90 minutes each. So for those of you with Netflix accounts, I've provided something for you to do this weekend.

Disclaimer: If you fall in love with Sherlock I am not responsible. Take that up with Sir Arthur.

Apology to Robert Downey, Jr.: You've been replaced. I'm sorry.

Government-forced hoo-hah: No one paid me to say any of these things, not the BBC, not Netflix, not the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, not Benedict Cumberbatch. However, if you see a link like the one below that looks suspiciously like an "ad," rest assured it is an ad. The government thinks you are too stupid to know that it is an ad, so I must tell you that it is, indeed, an ad. Therefore, if you click on the ad, and then actually buy something attached to the link, I will get a commission. Blog owners do not put ads on their sites just because they think they enhance the look, although that's what the government thinks that you think, hence the obligatory blah blah blah.


  1. ooooo, that sounds good.

  2. just put it on hold at the library!

  3. Jill: I hope you love it as much as we do! Tip: We put subtitles on when we watch it because Sherlock's mind works so fast that it's hard to keep up with him otherwise!

  4. We all want to see this movie..perhaps this weekend we may go. Sounds gr888!

  5. We watched the concluding TV episode last about surprise!! It has made me want to watch the ones I missed.

    I also went to see the big screen movie with my son...totally different, but still excellent.

  6. Debbie: I hope you have a good time! Sherlock Holmes is always fascinating.

    Ken: OK, you of favored status because you live in England, when you say concluding episode, do you mean concluding episode for the season, or concluding episode as in it is *gulp* FINISHED? Please tell me it isn't so... I think I would cry if it is only a 2 season series.

  7. I just discovered the PBS has a (free!) app where you can watch some of their series on your iPad/iPhone. And Sherlock is one of them. We're watching the first episode tonight.

  8. Jill: I hope you like it! I can't decide if I want a mind like his or not. :)

  9. One of my favorite literary characters. I have to check this out. Thanks Randi!!

  10. One of my favorite literary characters. I have to check this out. Thanks Randi!!

  11. septembermom: The wonders of Netflix! Let me know what you think when you have time to watch it.


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