Friday, February 18, 2011

Do's and Don't's for Cold Winter Weather


Do celebrate winter holidays to keep your spirits up, whether it is Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's, MLK, President's Day or Jules Verne's birthday. Celebrate by candlelight!

Do spy on your more flamboyant neighbors.

Do let your child climb to the top of the Walmart snow mountain. 
Just make sure Janet Napolitano isn't around.

Do take pictures to prove how much you've suffered.

Do remember to appreciate the beauty.

Do make your kids sleep outside in the snow. Makes men out of 'em.


Don't put your blanket on top of the wood-burning stove in an effort to warm it up first. 
Burnt polyester is a pain to scrape from metal.

Don't tell a bunch of 9th graders to avoid the ice slick in the middle of the street.
They will all head right for it and attempt to skate across it.

Don't leave your water bottle in the car. 

Don't forget to move your wood pile before the snow storm.
Wet wood is harder to burn.

Don't let your kids talk you into spending money on a sled. 
Tell them to go build their own.

Do you have any of your own 
cold weather do's and don't's ?


  1. Fantastic photos. The one of the
    homemade sled would have been swell for Toys Remembered.

  2. Auntie: How about Toys Remembered II?
    Weston and his buddies just built it last week. I'm having fun reading through the stories!

  3. You have no clue... wat i search every week first.. your post Randi !!! i know they are damn interesting and i love the dooooooooooooooooooooooossss so much and i think the dontssssssssssssssssss were equally interesting... i love the 9th grader ones... WAAAAAAAO... just love it girl !

  4. Hi Randi
    At my age the do's and don't's of cold winter weather are be sensible and wrap up warm and if you ignore this rule, don't complain when you freeze and seize.

    I've enjoyed reading from the beginning of TR, AM and have been reminded of a few toys I had which I'd forgotten about...along with a few pass-times and games. I do believe we lived through a special time in history (but I guess everyone can say that).

  5. Very cool sled! I like your list of do's and don'ts. Ice is like a magnet for kids. I have frozen many a water bottle lately. Sleeping outside in the snow would definitely keep those boys alert. LOL. Hope to visit you more frequently soon. Jury duty still going on. Long case. Interesting, but tiring. Happy Sunday, my friend :)

  6. Naqvee: I am always so thrilled when you come to visit! How are things in your little corner of the world? Thank you so much for the nice comments.

    Ken: Freeze and seize--I love it! I shall have to find a way to incorporate that phrase into my conversation somehow. I agree with you that we lived in a special time in history. As a five year-old, my mom would give me some cash and a list, and I would walk to the grocery store six blocks away. Can you imagine a 5 year old doing that today?

    I would love to hear some of your toy memories that have resurfaced!

    septembermom--Are you enjoying the jury duty? I have always thought that would be fascinating, but I have never been called. It does seem like this has been a long case--it feels like weeks since you started! I'll bet your kids miss you...

  7. LOVE it Randi!

    I have to share my suffering... perhaps next time I'll take a picture to prove my suffering.. it's been -20C which is... ummmm, very cold. :)

  8. Daisy: Brrr! Canadians know how to do cold right! You definitely should take pictures. :)


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