Sunday, February 6, 2011

Always Note What Your Kids Are Wearing

Ever since Weston was a baby, he has known how to act in a store. When he was about 2-3 years old, I simply walked aisle through aisle putting all of our purchases back after he threw a fit. We got back in the car and went home. While on occasion I have had to put up with some begging, I never again had to put up with a fit in the store.

Those of you who shop at Walmart are probably aware that there is still merchandise for sale, after the check out lines. Last Saturday, after I had paid for my purchases, I was appalled to see my son farther up the line grabbing package after package of baseball cards and loading them into his arms. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He knew better than to pull items off of shelves like that.

I walked up to him saying, "No! You put that down right now. What are you thinking?"

As he continued to pull more and more packages of baseball cards off the shelf and load them into his already overloaded arms, I was even more appalled. Not only was he behaving uncharacteristically, but now he was disobeying what I was telling him to do.

I looked at him again and said, "Put them down! No!"

Equally appalled, was the boy I was yelling at, who incidentally happened to NOT be my son. Although I hate this phrase, he looked up at me with a true, "Lady, WTF?" expression on his face. When it dawned on me that the culprit shared not a single one of my genes, I was horrified.

"I am so sorry! Really, I am very sorry. I thought you were my son. You look just like my son!"

He gave me a "whatever" look and marched down the aisle with his arms loaded with cards. I probably spoiled his birthday.

My son, standing off to the left of me, asked, "Why were you yelling at that kid?"

The victim actually looked nothing like my son. He was about a foot shorter and wasn't wearing anything that looked like what Weston was wearing.  I have no excuse.

Later that week, at Walmart once again, my son asked me if he could go look in the toy section. We parted with him saying, "Oh, and Mom? I won't be in the baseball card section."


  1. LMAOOOOOOO!!~ Now that was a good one MOM!

  2. Debbie: Yeah. I was quite embarrassed. That poor boy was probably thinking, "I'm glad she's not MY mom!" :)

  3. Oh, my. Funny now, but not then.

  4. Auntie M: I never hurried so fast out of Walmart! :)

  5. Wish I was there to witness that one, Randi :)

  6. Ken: I do too! Maybe you would have stopped me. :)

  7. Oh no! I have moments like that too. Horrifying! You want to turn invisible and erase time! Thanks for sharing a good laugh!

  8. Lol, your description of this made me laugh, I had to read it to everyone at work (they were all moms) and they were all properly horrified. We've determined it's the "Mom Syndrome" where you have to mother everyone even when they aren't your child. :P

  9. Taleah: I especially wanted to turn invisible when I thought that maybe the kid would go tell his mom that I yelled at him and she would find me and beat me up.

    Naomi: Yeah, that's my excuse! I was just trying to be a good mother to someone else's child. Who can fault me for that? :)


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