Friday, October 22, 2010

Free Day!

It's 9:00 A.M. and I am still in my gray flannel bathrobe.

The high school students have a field trip today and teachers were not required to go. My son is on the trip and my husband is at work. It is exactly the type of day that every mother dreams of having--a day where she can work uninterrupted on projects galore!  Here's what I have in mind for today:

Catch up on laundry
Do the dishes
Sweep and mop the floor
Decide if I want to dry jalapenos in my dehydrator or by stringing them in the kitchen
Reorganize my school shelf in the office
Move coal from the driveway to the garage
Make more posters for the classroom
Organize my gift wrap, tissue paper, bows and gift bags
Wrap presents for the three birthdays of my son's friends this weekend
Clip corn husks off the dead plants in the garden to make a corn husk wreath
Rip up the dead plants in the garden
Get my grade book ready for next quarter
Type up progress reports for tonight's parent/teacher conferences

I have a full day ahead of me, right?

Unfortunately, it is also that other kind of day that mothers dream of having---the day where you wake up and the autumn chill is in the air, the sky is gray in all directions, wet yellow leaves are plastering the cement driveway, the colors of the trees and bushes are more vivid because it rained during the night, and it looks like it could rain again at any moment.

In other words, a day that shouts, "Go back to bed!"

Hmm...what will she do? Will she choose this rare moment of solitude to catch up on missed sleep? Or will guilt overtake her as duty calls her to the domestic front? 

What do you think? Which option will the Queen of Quang choose? What would you do 
with a free day?


  1. hmmm... what to do.. If I were to have a day off like that... o wait! I do! :) I would look for a reason to celebrate. Did you know today is National Nut Day? Sounds like a good reason to celebrate! So, since it is NND, I have decided that I will celebrate this day by acting nuts all day! (Which really isn't much of a stretch for me!) Who's with me?

  2. I suspect that Queen Quang did not go back to bed. That pretty fall day is too enticing. She will do something outdoors.

    Lucky me, most days I can pretty much pick and choose what I do.

  3. What you need to do it to post a list of what you actually accomplished, not feel guilty about anything that you do, remember it is a FREE day and celebrate my birthday....NATIONAL NUT DAY!

  4. Hrmmm... I think I have a somewhat strange perspective on this because I pretty much have the day off everyday. I just don't stay home everyday... But I think since I do have to wake up early every day I would sleep in a little later and then get some stuff done. :D Yay for sleeping in... even if its only for maybe a half hour :D

  5. I would listen to some Zeppelin and do some programming. Oh wait, that's what I do every day!

    BTW, don't worry about the coal, that's on my list for Weston and me tomorrow...

  6. Let guilt take'll soon be replaced with a sense of achievement.

  7. If I had a free day, I would READ, READ, READ. But unfortunately, that nasty laundry pile would taunt me. Hope you had a terrific free day and got to relax a little.

  8. I vote free day in bed. Mom's never get enough time like that. :)

    Hope you had a great day!

  9. Thanks to all who responded! It was a toss-up for me...


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