Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Won Something!

Recently I happened upon a website that is always displaying fun new crafts, recipes, and decorating tips to try.
Check out How Does She? for information on how to make cute home decorations out of old 2x4s, decadent cheesecake, or chore charts for your kids.

I entered a drawing to win a set of vinyl letters that say "Happy Spring."  For those who don't know, vinyl lettering is the new rage in home decorating, with people using them to embellish pictures frames, walls, glass, and whatever else imagination can fly away with. I was lucky enough to be one of the winners. Click here to see how Alison used a scrap 2x4 and some vinyl lettering (the kind I won!) to make an imaginative gift.

Hop on over to their site if you love all that is cute, easy, and inexpensive in life.


  1. Congrats Randi!!! That's really cool:) I'm going to check it out now.

  2. Grant: Thank you for stopping by!

  3. You're good at this - I remember you winning a book at my place last year, too. Well done, and happy creating!

  4. Congratulations Randi!! That sounds great :)

  5. PS LOVE the tulips - but you know I'm an addict! That shade of pink goes perfectly with the green of your theme.

  6. Janice: Yes, I did win a great book from your site. I'm still learning lessons from it. My daughter's luck is finally rubbing off on me...(she wins everything!)

    Septembermom: Thanks! I'm hoping you're having a streak of good luck too???

  7. Janice: I love tulips too! I get mad at myself sometimes because when I lived in Iowa, a Dutch community called Orange City had an annual tulip festival that was stupendous. I never went, and now I'm kicking myself.


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