Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Thoughts of a Twitterless Thinker 7-23-2009

I accomplished a Bucket List goal, thanks to chick pal Ekanela. I went to a salon and had them do some creative clipping. They took my almost waist-length hair and magically turned it into shoulder blade-length hair. (P.S. Does anyone remember the Francie Barbie doll whose hair you could lengthen by pulling her hair and shorten by twisting a knob on her back?) Ekanela and I turned it into girls’ night out, complete with French fries and creamy shakes. She was brave and went first. My son only called about thirteen times asking when I was coming home.

If you want to sneak up on a common housefly, you must attack from below.

You see, the housefly can’t see underneath its own body. How do I know?

Because when a fly lands on my computer screen, all attempts to scare it away by chasing it with my cursor, fail. Go for the belly.

Speaking of bugs, one of the grossest things in life happens when you move your bath poufy in the shower and two little earwigs spring to life. Ugh. These creatures love the dark and the damp, just like Edward and Bella. I had never seen an earwig until I moved to Utah, once of the least damp places I know. So why do they thrive here? At least I no longer have to cope with Iowa’s common house centipede. (Know what I mean, Jed?)

The best answer I have read to a meme question, comes from Ken Devine of A Day at a Time. He was asked, “If you were a time traveler, what era would you live in?” He took a few liberties with the question, and decided that instead of living in an era, he would visit different eras, one hour at a time, to make a complete day. Given that, here’s his answer:

“…First off would be an hour with Christ...I'm sure he'll also help me with my remaining 23 choices...possibly even send me straight back and tell me not to interfere.

"If I get the go-ahead I'd like to arrive at Auvers-su-Oise in 1890 and be with Van Gogh just before he shoots himself. So what if you HAVE only sold one painting in your entire life, I'll say. What if you ARE hungry, miserable and pathetic. You are a genius mate, and I'm here to offer my appreciation and £2000 to tide you over... and for goodness sake get yourself a decent hat. All I ask is you write on the back of one of your paintings THIS ONE IS FOR KEN DEVINE ONLY.

"Seriously though, best not tell him he's pathetic, but I'd let him know his paintings will sell for millions and he's appreciated the world over. Hang in there my friend!

"I know he'll think I'm the one who is mad and will probably shoot me instead, but I like to think I'll make a difference in an hour…”

Does that answer rock, or what?

Visit Hayden Tompkins’s site Through the Illusion for my Cool Video of the Week nomination. After watching this I wanted to be a Canadian, although I couldn’t even pass their Step 1. I do think though that I would look fine in that red jacket and white gloves! I promise you this song will be in your head all day.

Biggest Gut Laugh I’ve Had All Week: My husband and I were traveling to his sister’s 40th wedding anniversary on Saturday. He was telling me that when he was a poor college student, there was a restaurant that he wanted to go to, but couldn’t afford. Years later, when he got married, he took his first wife there, pleased that he finally had enough money to dine there.

This was back in the 80’s when restaurants started bringing a carafe of water to the table so the waiter didn’t have to keep refilling your glass. Hubby, never having witnessed this practice, started drinking the water straight from the carafe! (He’s a closet Viking.) He was a tad red in the face when the waitress came by to suggest that he use the water glass instead.

A special shout-out goes to the readers of Foreign Quang in Florida, and in the United Kingdom. Those two places over the last month showed the highest percentage (more than double of any other area) of page views on my site. Thank you to the lovely people of Florida and the UK for your support!

Tomorrow’s Pioneer Day in Utah! Yee-ha! A day full of parades, craft fairs, entertainment and fireworks. If you have to work on this state holiday, I am sorry. This is the place!

I am privileged to be tending my two grandsons today. As I write this, Baby Roly Poly is napping, looking rather angelic. He’s 3 months now and has a future as a sumo wrestler. My thoughts today are also with another baby.

Recently, in our local paper, the front page showed our local police officers searching through a garbage dump. They searched for weeks for the body of a newborn infant. His mother, not knowing what to do after she gave birth to him at home, claimed stillbirth, and simply threw him in the garbage. The diligent officers finally had to give up after several weeks of opening bag after bag of smelly refuse to no avail.

I am thankful for chubby little angels sleeping in a swing, and saddened for those whose only crib is a garbage can.

Nuff said for today, I think.


  1. Fun post! I loved that response to the time traveler question. He gave the best answer:) Thanks for the housefly info. I may need it soon. Sometimes a fly can drive me crazy at night. I'm sure you loved every minute with your grandsons today!

  2. septembermom: Ken is great. Glad to help with the housefly problem. :)
    I'm really lucky in that my grandsons are perfectly behaved. Even the three month old just sits and smiles when he isn't sleeping.

  3. I keep thinking your Twittertype Thursday posts would be enough to make a week's worth of refreshing posts in their own right. ;)

    I'm guessing the earwigs are treating your damp shower puff like a refreshing spa retreat in an arid place! And on the bug theme, I nearly wet myself laughing at the thought of you trying to figure out a fly's up from its down! Scienticic boring bit coming up: they detect air currents. That's why they move before you swat them unless you're using something with holes in it.

    Love the photo! I feel a gravatar coming on...

    Ken's answer's were brilliant, Hayden's video made me smile, but the last section made me pray an angel had carried the baby off.

  4. The new hairstyle is foxy.

  5. Janice: OK, I'll try to have more compassion on the earwigs who use my poufy as a spa. When they bring in the masseuses I will have to put my foot down. And flies detect air currents! That's why my cursor doesn't scare them--no air flow! And who would've thought that's the reason flyswatters had holes? I never knew.
    Hey, I just used that photo as my Facebook gravatar!

    P.S. If I know angels the way I do, I am sure that baby was wrapped in a fleecy blankie and whisked home.

    Auntie M: Thank you.It's lots easier to take care of, plus it looks a tad more modern with all the layers.

  6. Your hair looks pretty in that picture, Randi. You look too young to be a grandmother.

  7. Hi Brenda! Thank you and thank you! I always have this delusion going that I'm not as old as I really am. I still think I'm like 23 or something. :)

  8. Loved the diversity of Thursday Thoughts. The carafe of water is classic and spending time with a cherub while sporting a foxy haircut is splendid.I love your twenty something spirit.It agrees with you.

  9. Greetings, Cindy! Thanks for your fun comments. My hubby claims that it's not his fault about the carafe. He says it was a quirky, although expensive, restaurant, so he thought drinking out of the carafe was just part of the quirkiness. Should we let him slide on that one?

  10. Randi, drinking from the carafe reminds me of a story. We went to a birthday party for a friend who had turned 70. At dinner, we sat with her daughter and her two kids, 19 and 17, whom we know well. The food was served family style, but the 19-year-old didn't realize that, so when the first course, a small bowl of sliced cucumbers was placed in front of her she thought it was her salad and began eating from the bowl. When she realized no one else had a bowl of cucumbers, she felt foolish but we all laughed and told her it didn't matter and took our share of the salad.

  11. Your Twitterless ramblings are fast becoming a highlight of my week. (And thank you for sharing that video!)

  12. Auntie M: That's a funny story! I love these little events that happen in life that become memorable to us because of their humor and simplicity.

    Hayden:Thank you so much! And you're welcome! I love that video. I showed it to my son and grandson the other day. Now my son wants me to play it over and over. I caught my 5 yr. old grandson chanting, "I know you wanna be a
    Canadian please," to himself the other day. It's a hard one to get out of your head.

  13. Randi,
    I have to tell you I am a closet fan. I do not often publish comments but I really do enjoy reading your posts!
    I really had a great time with you on our girls night! We should most certainly do it again. I think your hair is Foxy too! Woohoo!

  14. Ekanela: Time to come out of the closet! Besides, closet fans just blow air around in a stuffy closet, not doing much good, because after all, who spends much time in a closet? Come out, and let others feel your breeze! (it must be time for another post--I'm waxing corny here.)
    P.S. Your hair is foxy too!


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