Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thoughts of a Twitterless Thinker

I don't Twitter. Call me old. Call me old-fashioned. Call me anything you want as long as you don't expect me to Twitter.

Twittering is probably fine for businesses and professional bloggers--people who need to get information out there in an instant. It's also good for people who are able to limit their thoughts to 140 characters. Not me man.

In honor of Twitter and its effect on our society, I will now do my part and post the random thoughts I had throughout the day, the same as a twittering tweeter would.

*Today at the Wal-Mart photo center, I saw a girl who used to be one of my customers when I managed a cell phone store. She made it a point to come over to say “hi” to me. I hadn’t spoken to her in about four years, so I was surprised that she remembered me. Yet, I wasn’t surprised that I remembered her. Why do I always assume that only I remember people that I’ve dealt with? Why do I always assume no one else remembers our interactions? Am I arrogant enough that I think only I have a memory?

*I think I want to have a party for all my friends who have never seen Lost and show them the entire first season in one day. That would only take about 8 hours wouldn’t it, assuming there are 13 episodes at 40 minutes each? I would even keep my mouth shut unless they asked me something.

* A lady at my church had been staying at her daughter’s house in another town while she was being treated for cancer. Her husband announced at church two weeks ago that she was home. I will have to go visit her. I got the call today that she died. Why didn’t I make arrangements to visit her the day her husband made the announcement?

* I get disappointed when I go to the mailbox and there is nothing there. Hmmm…maybe others feel the same way when they don’t get anything from me. I think I’ll send someone some mail this week.

* I love the smell of Downey in my laundry.

*My creative writing class meets tomorrow. We’re going to work on small scrapbooks so that they can see that writing isn’t just about making up stories or writing essays. I’m going to teach them how to write captions, page titles and journal entries by their photos. I spent two hours going through photos I had taken of those kids all last year when they were my students, trying to decide which ones to print out for them. I waxed nostalgic and nearly cried. I’ve taught them for two years, fourth and fifth grade, but this fall I have to teach high school. How is it possible to love kids so much, when they’re not my own? Can I love teenagers the same way?

*Why can I never remember to drink water throughout the day?

*I went to the library today to look for a good book to read. I walked up and down the aisles, hoping for something to jump out at me. I do that every time, and every time I say Why don’t I come prepared with a title of something I want to read? I copped out and looked for my favorite author, Orson Scott Card, and picked out another one of his books. Next time I’ll be prepared. Uh-hum. Maybe when Oprah calls me personally to tell me what she wants me to read.

*Jere picked out a movie at the library and I denied it just because of its name, “Hellboy.” I don’t care how good a movie is, if you’re going to call it Hellboy I’m not renting it. That’s all I need is a ten year old running around yelling, “I’m Hellboy—huzzah!”

* My daughter calls me every day on her way home from work. I cherish that ten minutes. It’s good to know that as she walks out the door of her office, mom is still a comfort.

* Man, I was a slob at dinner. I have tomato soup and tuna sandwich down the front of my shirt. That’s what I get for balancing a meal on the edge of my keyboard. [Oh come on—you have too done that.]

* The refrigerator is not working. Lukewarm milk is gaggy. How do babies do it?

*The refrigerator not working reminds me of the difference in food tolerance between my husband and me. His motto is “It’s still good-I picked all the mold off.” My battle cry is “When in doubt, throw it out.” The fridge limit for leftover refried beans is two days. Once we left them in the fridge for a week. Tim’s son, Nathan, opened the leftover beans and said, “AAAAGGH! Death Beans!” I smelled them and agreed—they were the Beans of Death. Tim smelled them and said, “I don’t see anything wrong with them.”

*Mosquitoes suck.

*Does anyone have a more sinister voice than Christopher Lee?

There you have it. My twitterish thoughts of my day. All at once. Did you care?


  1. Randi:

    I don't get twitter (ing). The name alone suggests meaningless, frivolous, of little substance.

    Oh, well. I'm out of the loop.

  2. Randi,

    Well, I guess it's not surprising that I love the "Thoughts and Impressions" format -- but only if someone has something to say. Many Twitterers have so little to say that they use my quotes, which doesn't offend me. I encourage you to do more of this. I think readers like to be given a selection, a buffet, so to speak.
    On people remembering meeting you, I completely identify. It surprises me every time.


  3. Auntie M: I agree with the name "twitter" suggesting frivolity. When I was growing up, being called a "twit" meant that you were an idiot. I'm out of the loop too. Twitterers...hmmm...never in a million years would I have thought there was a word that rhymes with Aunt Shirley's last name.

    Robert: I think it's great that Twitterers are sending out your quotes. The world needs more Brault! You may be right on readers liking a selection. I know I love coming to your site and picking my favorite quote of the day. Maybe it can be my Tuesday theme--Tuesday Thoughts of a Twitterless Thinker. Yeah, I like it!

  4. Very good random thoughts!! I enjoyed reading them. Wish I could go with you to a creative writing class. How cool! It's sweet how you like those little phone chats with your daughter. It's so important to stay connected. I don't know anything about the whole Twitter thing either!

  5. septembermom: Thank you! You can come by my creative writing class anytime. :) Yeah, Twitter has me scratching my head. It is just advanced text messaging, right?

  6. I SO care! Yours is one of my absolute alltime favourite blogs! It reminds me of why they're called blogs in the first place: blog = web logs. (I'm even getting tempted to pay a techie to get a subscribe by email widget embedded for you so I don't accidentally miss a post!)

    These are the moments that make writing fresh and vital - even the gaggy milk. They create life, make a writer real.

    So many responses tumbling through my head. First one, CREATIVE WRITING CLASS!!!!! You go girl!They are lucky, lucky people. You're one of the best online writers I know, and I've read a lot of online writing. Your comments on other folks' blogs are better than many trite pretentious conceited inauthentic blogposts I've read in my time.

    Broken fridge, eh?! We're a pair! My oven blows warm baby's breath on things and is the reason we can't have a holiday this year. To get a new one installed, we need to tweak the whole kitchen. (We've been putting off for years.) That was another part of this post I loved, by the way. So, rather than put off and send you an email 'later', please let me have your postal address so I can send you something from Scotland in the mail!

    Now, go away, cover your ears and half listen to the next bit....
    (I joined Twitter... I don't actually do anything with it, but one reason I did is that fewer people seem to comment on blogs that get loads of retweets, whatever they are. So I thought that by pressing a simple button on Twitterloving folk's sites, I could show my appreciation in a way they prefer. I also thought it might be cool just to promote other people's posts. If I knew how, for example, I'd tweet this post and say "Right now, I'm loving Randi's post - a breath of fresh air from across the fields of Iowa.")

    Are your hands still over your ears? Hellboy is actually very funny and we enjoyed it. Tongue in cheek black humour and the guy's an example of being able to laugh at ourselves and also to love other people whose appearance isn't traditionally attractive. You might want to check it out yourself first, though.

    Loved this post, Randi. Good luck with the writing class! Wish we could have worked on something like that together - I reckon we'd have a ball!

  7. Janice: My creative writing class was fun yesterday. On Wednesdays I teach M.S.I (Math Scene Investigators) first. My 5th graders always hated story problems in math so I would tell them to pretend they were detectives who had to figure out the answer. The summer class I'm doing involves them solving math mysteries. They love it. The 5 boys yesterday all said they did not want to come to creative writing. They hung around though after math and they all ended up staying. Can you imagine five 10-year old boys, bent over their scrapbooks, making titles, captions and journal entries? It was fun and they were sooo creative, titling their books things like "School Torture."

    I feel your pain on your broken oven. Don't you just hate the way one broken thing affects so much else? Our situation isn't as bad as it could be because we have a spare fridge in the garage if this one can't be fixed.

    Wow--if even Janice succumbed to the Twittering bug..... :)

    Hellboy, huh? Ok, maybe I'll check it out of the library first.

    Thanks for your very kind thoughts, Janice. I always love reading your comments, here and elsewhere.

  8. Randi, you are missing exactly nothing. If it wasn't part of my business, I wouldn't tweet. I do enjoy it, and I do think it has something to offer, but WAY less thank kicking back with a book could ever hope to.

    I enjoyed your random thoughts, and you should never feel like you have to confine them to 140 characters, though admittedly it does become something of an art.

  9. Writer Dad: Me? Confine anything to 140 characters? Never happen. You know me too well, right? :) Hey, I loved your Father's Day poem. I think it would be a great "flip upside down book" with your Mommy book on one side and the Daddy book on the other side.

  10. I LOVE that idea. Maybe someday.

  11. Great post! I am on Twitter but I do not post anything to it. I can't do the 140 words or less either. I have a link feed to my The Writer Today blog, so when I post, it feeds it to Twitter. Maybe one day, when I am a published author, I will make more use out of it. LOL

    Can you do a post on this some time: "...how to write captions, page titles and journal entries by their photos." I would love to learn to do this. Thank you.

  12. Ana: I can't wait until you are a published author! I'll be first in line at midnight. :)

    Sure, I'll be happy to do a post on titles, captions and journaling. I will add it to my list of blog topics that I work from. Thanks for the suggestion---I'm always looking for new post ideas.


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