Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Basking in Grandmotherly Bliss

Because of this girl,
the adorable Miss Baby Elephant,
I get to hang out with this guy--

the rambunctious, hilarious, heart-stealing Mr. Chunk.  It's a good thing Chunk likes his old Grandma, because we've been spending many precious hours together since the birth of his baby sister.  We go to the grocery store and ride the double-steering-wheeled carts and pretend like we are running into people.

We hang out at the park. The Orange park. Not the Purple Park or the Crazy Park.

We find cool things at the park, like those brown poke-o-nuts you see on the ground. 
I will never call them "pine cones" again.

We watch so many episodes of Dora that our eyes bleed and we must rest them.

We eat red popsicos.

And when Chunk freaks out on the way home to see Mommy because he left his three "points" at Grandma's house, Grandma digs three different "points" out of her car coin holder and says, 
"Oh look! Here they are!"

Grandma will be sad when it is time to give him back.


  1. love that sweet sleeping face.

  2. I love the innocent look on a sleeping child! :)

  3. Precious moments for Chunk and Grandma.

  4. Yay, Auntie M.! Your comment showed up all on its own. Problem solved? I hope.

  5. septembermom: Awww...thank you sweetie.


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