Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Special Kind of Friendship...

Once upon a time, there were two fat little boys, one with red hair and one with brown. They played together mainly because their mothers played together, or posed them for pictures together.

The fat little red-haired boy was eleven days older, having been born EXACTLY THIRTEEN YEARS AGO TODAY.

As time went on, the little boys lost their baby fat and discovered that they loved playing together, even when their mothers weren't hanging out that day. This surprised their mothers because, you see, these two boys really had opposite personalities. The red-haired boy was quiet, introspective, a little shy, and sensitive. The brown-haired boy was loud, extroverted, always in motion, and sensitive. Okay, so they were both sensitive--as in good-hearted. Over the years, the mothers learned that their opposite personalities complemented each other. The quiet boy helped keep the loud boy grounded, and the loud boy helped the quiet boy gain a sense of adventure. 

As they grew, each developed his own sense of humor. Loud boy (oh, let's call him Weston) developed a slapstick sense of humor, while quiet boy (we'll call him He's Hot, because if a classroom happens to be a little warm, he will insist it's because he has arrived) has a sharp verbal wit.

Though it has been mentioned here before, their mother's hearts are warmed when they see how protective these two chaps are around each other. Once, He's Hot got dropped off at his house, where he promptly face-planted in the gravel. Weston said, "Oh, I wish that would have happened to me instead!"  He didn't like to see his friend get hurt.

Another time, Weston was left waiting outside the school on a frigid day when one of his parents (not this one, ahem) was a little late in picking him up from school. He's Hot begged his mother to give Weston a ride home. "Friends don't let friends stand in the cold, " he said.

Over the years, these two boys have remained friends, even though as they get older their circle of friends naturally widens. When they were youngsters, they would get together and play Legos. Now that they are *gasp* teenagers, they play with...um...Legos. 

Weston's mother has been grateful to He's Hot for standing by her son. He's been a good influence, and as Weston once said, "No one understands me the way he does."  He's Hot is always welcome in Weston's home where he is loved as a son. He's always a positive and encouraging influence.  

At the Dinosaur Museum--3rd grade

At Weston's house

The omnipresent bunny ears

I'm too sexy for my Cub Scout uniform

At the Sheriff's Department. No, they weren't in trouble.

Can you guess? A school play perhaps?

4th Grade--Pity the fool teacher who tries to keep these two apart

Sand + Boys = Hours and hours of laundry for the mothers fun.

Believe it or not, there was still some left by the time they took it to Scouts

Yeah, so Weston liked pink. Peer pressure has since caused him to cave.

Yay for cookIE dough!  Just kidding--it's Kyuki Do

More boys, more sand, water, more laundry fun.

Would you PUH-LEASE not make us pose in the sun?

And next....Weston's mommy's favorite picture ever:



  1. Okay - I just HAVE to comment that Weston is HILARIOUS. Almost every one of those photos he is making a different face, and they were all amusing. I also must say that I can't believe how old those boys are getting! It really makes a difference to see them grow up in a blog, compared to their cute little chubby pictures and now they are both taller than me (though, that isn't saying much :P) Still, I can't believe it! Happy Birthday to He's Hot, he made it to teenagehood with his best friend by his side ;P

  2. Juliegoose--yes, Weston is quite the photo hog. I have very few serious pictures of him. He's Hot is much nicer to the photographer. :)

  3. Happy Birthdays to HH and Weston! What a pair of awesome guys.

  4. Jill: I will forward your birthday wishes to both guys. I know your own daughter has such a special friendship. It's always nice to know that your child doesn't stand alone in this world.

  5. A loving tribute to two lucky guys (to have each other). Cute as can be. Happy Birthday to both.

  6. Auntie M: What would we do without our friendships? I'd be lost. I'll tell them both you sent your Happy Birthday wishes.

  7. What a friend I have. :) I think it's funny how you commented that the boys balance each other out. I think the same for us.. Such different personalities, but such good friends! I keep the crazy in you and you keep the sane in me! I will never forget the time we went to the waterslide in sterling with the kids and I was going head first on my back on the slide and you were so worried! But... by the end of the day, who did I convince to go headfirst down the slide? :) O ya,I keep you young and you know it! This is a great post. *sniff* I can't believe they are 13! HH loved your name for him!-of course he did-.. Thanks for being my friend! Love you !

  8. SuperSandy: Yes, I was trying to find a creative way interject into the post how your son has more my personality while my son has more your personality, but it just wasn't flowing and it took me over an hour just to get all those photos to post-ha ha! It is true, you inspire me to do crazy things! You do keep me young, that's for sure. Love you right back, sistah!

  9. It really is special to have friends that share as much as they do. It won't be long before they have families of their own and start going on holiday together:) Nice photographs.

  10. Ken: Nope. Nope. I refuse. Weston is not going to grow up and have a family of his own someday. My first two children grew up and I decided that my third is going to be Peter Pan. :) No, seriously, I can picture Weston and He's Hot someday having families and driving their wives crazy as they play Legos well into their eighties.

  11. Great post Randi! I love those two young men so very much and their mothers. You all have brought so much joy and laughter to my life and those two rascal have brought me years and years of smiles...Happy Birthday to them both!

  12. Lela: And they/we/I love you too! I'm sure those two rascals have also brought hours and hours of torment upon you in the classroom! Happy Birthday to your own new teenager. Have you had to fight off any boys yet? :)


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