Friday, August 5, 2011

Free Mini-Photo Album from MyPublisher

Do you have a Facebook account?
Do you love to take pictures?
Do you love saving money?
Even better, do you love things that are totally F*R*E*E?

For a limited time, MyPublisher is giving away a free mini-photo album. All you have to do is "like" them on Facebook, then open a free account. You can upload twenty-one of your own photos and they will send them back to you in mini-album form. I ordered mine earlier this week and it came today! All free, even the shipping!

I choose to upload photos of my son's summer adventures, and will send the booklet to one of his grandparents. It's the perfect size for upcoming stocking stuffers.  You can choose a cover photo and title, but other than that, there is no text option unless you place a caption right on the photo yourself before you upload.

Head on over to MyPublisher on Facebook and "like" them!


  1. kisatrtle: Isn't it great? So glad you popped by today! I've seen you on septembermom's site and am glad to see you here, too!

  2. I will go like Randi,thanks for hsaring. Thanks for your sweet comment on the disco partay.

  3. Debbie: That disco party looked like so much fun! Hey, you should get your free little album using the disco party pictures!

  4. Very nice Randi. You always send us to cool sites. You're the best!

  5. septembermom: It's only because my well-trained nose can sniff out anything FREE. :)


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